Tuesday 10 November 2020

Voluntary Cosy Provision in Relation to the Powers That Be (DRAFT)

How now in thinning 

almond air you apply

pace and act in accordance 

to veto this dropsy sad out 

or condemn to remember 

everything in a seizure fit 

a fever in full leak

keep pittance for jury bow

so costed is the lumbar model 

its hairy ambit of harms border 

has darted me again in thanks, 

threadlike bare rattles 

and all I ever do is move a little

in this no fixed address 

to clerical dodder on council 

paving stones plucking loads 

of vaunted hailstones

out the sky and ache 

all pleasantries to shrill 

sable bottle light

chewed and spat mild amends

again calming down the body 

thumping time wild and gladly 

off peril throwing nozzle high 

in the magistrates mandibles 

truss this funny bondage tongue

a lost version of every today  

pleats a rose of cold seedbed

meaning premises