Tuesday 10 November 2020

Pigs at My Door (DRAFT)


Punish all nitrogen washouts

cut and screw valour no mincing

the cretin, I cannot hold down

this stomach so leave it 

chored inn slurry love

barbells to biting cheeks is

what I do? Bunsen blott 

what elder scalding piss hands 

in a swan dance forget  

sane drive forever in adamite 

licked wound burrow S.0.S daily

never answer cold calls 

on this pelting block mock 

fisted in blue abstruse 

take from me comfort of sidings 

and bramble and I will version 

a hate of double, 

arm the child again 

warden the dog men in tower breaks

returning grim in every riddled walkway 

in every forgotten artificial hillock 

sprouting coals to eat my yard

squared root neck in the dust 

of these pills lay upon 

fled heat of coca-cola 

chicken and go where?