Sunday 22 November 2020

For Max (G.I.T) DRAFT

Stop this mind from working 

out in butter coin, exercise 

direction cargo all suspended

since youth

been in a backward curve 

learned to pass the examination  

to throw the mainlanders into the sea!

northern air debt travels in oral testimony 

so that the sentiment of worked cliffs

pay in weathered stump of feeling, 

make the capital red with accents

dead of national myth tugging 

from a black shawl to a grazed nose 

while a crabbed head beats a wall 

to bland its censor something like

disgust or contempt, of brushing 

underneath the chin with an outward

sweep of the finger-tips and

asking, 'What is the logical form 

of that?' via the diplomatic bag 

out the window breaking 

all criminal law 

you cannot decline a sublime

dialogue between the mouse 

and the mountain had upside down

hanging in the petrol smells 

a rose aimed at the mangy heart

goes to Moscow samizdat in stripes

of leather bound and so this mountain 

agrees to give up all its stones, 

just like that! what a load 

of old cobblers the mouse says 

hunchbacked sickly and toothless

possibility is not reality, I take 

these stones and make a manual 

for all the mouses! every man

is an animal & every animal 

a creature too!