Thursday 2 July 2020

Eligible Children (DRAFT)

Eligible children if you die 
then dreadful trumpets will 
haunt your family's glorious 
coat of arms burying the flowers 
in marshland, acid pleat little
Goldilocks all your coffers dispersed 
mangled amongst a baying pauper nest 
trove of skivers bone to bone
hillock skies rain cheese
yet here we lay in dreamers dream 
roses bestride in glassy stream 
my head in furrows loam from 
morning until eve an egg 
germinates a frog free from all tyranny.  

Years pass and the doom cast drivers 
hurtle to hooting on the ruins 
of this devastated world our forsaken frog
is now subterranean being remade 
in rootkit swill he has arisen 
in shopping cart blitzkrieg muted and 
transmogrified across all time 
as a failed exorcism where Mastery finds 
itself in the inter-passive online delicatessen
preening a YouTube soliloquy aeternum. 

The contemporary helices 
for your head is a parasite brain
where your undamaged world sings 
a suburbana mumbling blue hue 
the frog has amassed a large 
trove of elders gilded in the router, 
the chortle nest of haemorrhoids   
wrapped around this hive mind
and perforated in callouts all doffed
and no where to go, hole closes. 

'Truth seeking' on a jiggle peak 
or wallbang this scythe 
crashing into the inner wall of
your parasite brain its dearest 
kept patriot bulldog cut to poor
crucible, the pageantry of 
urine culverts they gleam under light 
they shimmer in the sink 
when you wake shaking
to be found later in a hedgerow 
with baited breathe carping 
a tune never forgotten likely 
melted for not being bulls-eyed.