Tuesday 30 June 2020

Daddy Pig (Final)

Daddy Pig chortles disinfectant,
the carousel hologram of a boat race 
colliding from Lubberland just wait 
two thousand leagues in Dover alone!!!
all foppish fair haired boys ahoy in traditional 
oak quad sculls shaped like Cricks double helix, 
going 500 miles an hour in pure indomitable 
pluck and will! the thrusters to blunt 
of heraldic bleed, Blue boys swilling 
on the beach bald coots Logie Leggatt here
to bleat and bust any crabbed youngsters!
big the wall and build it firmer this country 
faces a downhill snip on a two-bit pence!
fuck that right off 'you want some? I'll give it ya!' 
played anthem at the WALL in a 16th century imprint 
TIME nor CHANGE can occur here until 
the formation of a Bully Furking outside Calx,
a wallop like a pudding en surprise; 
for a testimonial pitch parade everyone
larping halfway in a Bad Calx bed eyed skivers
kicked on to the goal every plutocracy, 
every bureaucracy, has also been a gerontocracy
on common ladder at H.Q. Eugenics House 
given the same native ability promotion 
queue suddenly fell in membership 
a clapped out base born whirligig, 
with sumptuary laws to eat dunce liver 
in the same hall feckless to themselves
rolling around drunk and it burns up all the grass 
so tremendous is its noxious influence
only confusing the counsel,
so refill summers bloom 
on drunken watch the Pioneer Corps presided 
Amen! a boat as brains, 
that one man was much like another 
cost this vast floating army cum laude 
under new dispensation sinks 
homme moyen sensuel  
the ladder will be reformed 
pattern colour and all.