Wednesday 11 March 2020

By God's precious soul, I mean no evil, and I will not leave it! (DRAFT)

The police commissioner of each quarter
has been delegated the bearer of their 
respective community refuse bin 
packed with food and set on fire,
'i am going to be scientific'
on the balcony but first a sharp 
breath that leads to the cuffs
stay there and they will eventually 
suppurate and master the passiveness
and paralysis it entails as all can eat
in the days to come
sick in the box warren of hecatombs,
of UK tissue industry for my country
I lay to be carted off to 
the potters field for decayed old buildings 
to be met in front of my according brazier 
here to anticipate the police
testing the edge of the estuary- 
trap bath split the lodge in mind
with a fellow voyager in kind