Tuesday 10 March 2020

Appointments had been Tainted (DRAFT LETTER)

Dearest Joanna, 

Your warmest wishes are greatly appreciated and valued, all coming from a national treasure; a consort of fair ideals and beauty. Grown local! Naysayers will be pooh-poohed. I have pictures already of building a flower-filled crossing from London’s South Bank to the Temple.

And it would be built quickly, so as not to get in the way of the Thames Tideway tunnel, the giant sewer being constructed in the river. A gift to the people of London filled with trees as well as shrubs and wildflowers. Winding paths will snake around woodland copses and glades. It would be a floating paradise, the tiara on the head of our fabulous city. A wonderful environment for a crafty cigarette or a romantic assignation, I must say. 

I love Thomas and what’s he’s doing with London currently, something truly ingenious. We must stand strong on our principles, I can almost smell the garden bridge ringed with demented enemies who do not want to see something beautiful established in the heart of London. Up with the Ponte Giardino and down with our enemies! Beauty and practicality in equal measure! And we will become champions of the concept and once implemented, it will last long into the future. I am sure the GLA and TFL will back the project, this is MOST certain!!! A great city must not rest on its laurels!

Now with the Olympics behind us, we have real vigour to carry on in the same fashion. There is a real obvious a transport NEED with commuters filing like the hoards over Waterloo like TS Eliot. London demands this beatific resolution, to rival the high-line of NYC and elsewhere!

I say YES and I look forward to this great project taking flight!

Ever Yours, Boris