Friday 22 February 2019

The Housing Act 1985 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

cairns that honour
   purity of the 
sadder lesser quaint still what is there
between love and the other
 as stern copse on mulch unkept in
  the smell of private cliffs, that's life
      as a ringlet bulletin, so
a personal resilience in 
the cribbed heart
     vote means the riser is required
at all times of day and night curtain 
property is trial end quick for
 outside effect and it isn't yet 
 to the streets with broom masted you could
 never do so on living as bargained
 shrinkage kept city as wrong calm 
  response adult 
      into a hide and tell the wayward child 
safe locked to the seen sprout
     as gone work if you dressed 
it up nice had cold in portfolios 
of the house and the shop 
integration takes
 embezzled light out 
the window and the pent weathering 
start the actual warren