Saturday 23 February 2019

How Do You Fix A Nervous Breakdown (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

   Safe-deposit boxes crescere 
bridge gardens as 
caesar flurf in celiac artery 
         of public cash self flower     filled 
                temple rents the         stamen gurned out 
     features  of a good maker
          between acts of  mercy
            or justice hold open
the body          system patron 
           as a double      motif
at best price invite to tender 
   a local suspension off civic
  whose price of admission 
          in city bargain 
  is images of terrible 
                     buildings in urban centres
 sadder still what is there between
            love stern copse on
            mulch unkept      smell 
              private cliffs that's life
                      as a ringlet    bulletin, so
a personal resilience in 
                    cribbed heart     vote means
       the riser is required
                        at all times of day
            and night curtain property
with    brooms masted
    calm response adult
into  the house and the shop 
                             integration takes
 embezzled light out 
        the window and 
             pent weathering 
              start the   
            actual warren