Saturday 19 November 2016

the personal allowance threshold (DRAFT)

like a cardiac splinter or 
and I’m thinking of a calendar heaven or 
a map or what use is it in thinking
-about prosody? in the head
felled trees
sleep aggressive 
minding assertion 
of hapless halcyon image

slyly wilting neurasthenic honesty 
each new trench
has gossamer of tolerable
arabesque wealth 
dreaming heave
compensates a top plastic surgeon
and many many foreheads 
wiped just want money but
we’re all in it together
in this big champagne flute
about 2 1/2 ft wide and 3 ft deep
around the base
upheaving ceramic, silicon, liquid crystal versions of
wheel barrows, 
shovels and pick ax’s
obviously still composed of flesh
and i thought to myself
alongside municipal zoning 
pursue both ditch digging and symbol management