Sunday 20 November 2016

cocaine in mayfair (VERY ROUGH DRAFT)

if you don’t feel like 

you’ve failed enough already 

opulent trade in CDO

 will spread through 

surviving intervals of memory
under its aspect of a 
continuous connected process


small vagrants
stiffened in blast

crimped in baked convulsive
joke that

heterogeneous ideas are
yoked with violence together 
‘each a crisis’

complete the fiasco 
bibelot frangible bits weakly

in my terrain of reproduction 

at once, 
agencies of fiscal discipline 

sanction trials 
demanding Hercules
dig a straight ditch
of credit products for
liabilities on the balance sheet

austerity counter-attacks

strange fits no yellow pongee silk suit

snuffed out the cocaine in mayfair shingle 
paraded faithful pet gazelle 

infinitesimals of sectarian fun await 
gulf between any synch 
squeeze the piece 

doesn’t produce miracles 

all the base was sunken floribunda 
comical abbreviated conjugations 
on the bonnets of SUV’S ditched in the cylindrical lip
crossing tip to tip