Wednesday 15 May 2024



THE AMERICAN HARDWOOD EXPORT COUNCIL PRESENTS ‘THE SMILE’ the first ever ‘mega-tube’ cross-laminated tulipwood. Entering The Smile through an opening where the curved form meets the ground, the visitor can walk from end to end of the 34-metre-long tube to discover a new kind of space that gradually rises toward light. All four sides of The Smile's interior will be made of the same beautiful hardwood panels as the structure. It will offer a complete sensory experience of colour, texture, scent and sound. The Smile's two open ends will illuminate the funnel-like interior space and act as balconies to the city.

Along the walls, perforations will allow sunlight to draw changing patterns on the floor throughout the day. The perforations will also give the visitor an understanding of how the structure performs as they're located in positions where there are fewer structural stresses. At night the interior will be illuminated by linear light strips that trace its dynamic curving floor. Through glassy walls that slowly turn the secret parts of us bending rising when it’s all quiet you can hear your body fits the crevice in the most comfortable fashion imaginable