Tuesday 21 May 2024



Ma ville monarchical law 

needs arrow-slits 

crenellated white-stone 

the finest grain of social body

pressed inside freedoms

panorama breadth 

Alpha Global City Rich

in my heart colours 

chevrons & ziggurats 

one of God's creatures

ragged over stone  

                                          instead of brick 

star shaped King Pest      


in the forest of plastic receipts 

while cabbage civilisation exists 

under Atomium

what vast marshes of 

dog shit at night 

shine under numbstands 

a cestus of starres 

                                          from inspector's lodge

I am beautiful as a safe 

of pipes filled by Quartermaster 

chasten the carceral city small theatres  

tortures shaped dots with wheels, 

                                                      gibbets, gallows, 

the pillories sing 

                The European Council,

 it’s soulless Eurocrates 

seeking to introduce a standard 

European bottle holding a miserable 

                                                   70 centiliters, 

robbing life of charm 

& subjecting it to 

The Economic Man 

Flemings gone French 

in Beer world, 

                       curry leicht

scharf paired to Ultra-Luxe

more six grain 

& I’ll live forever

off the eldest child, Leopold 

Heer copse to sunn blamed 

frenulum pressed into lintel