Monday 22 April 2024

‘I just want my property back’ (DRAFT/UNFINISHED 2)


Painted pink from pole to pole 

the oubliette Drop City 

boardroom stilts accidental vistas, 

shuttering on The Boom’s Last Word

ideas for a footbridge abiding 

Glencores greenwashing 

& the final Fatal Tree

made from copper-nickel alloy

bling encased sheer profligacy 

County Hall scoured into Shrekworld

countermanding last minute memos 

the viewing corridors

risoed over capital 

a termination of hope 

Long yen gelded estuary 

unfencibles for king’s head 

to keep land inviolate yob-end

plant life cubic grey urban

beautifies out all the quiet zones 

you bend to gapping stars 

rime goes opaque 

in air of ruckling counterpanes 

rented-off this mortised rim 

under Leadenhall think-tanks 

lower a Union Jack on piled biscuit tins 

from the Cherry-Garden to my last sigh, 

nothing much left now 

but a saturnalia bough 

high as uninhabitable 

opportunity area digs 

itself rond-points; overwork death

in Royal Parks surviving 

a tortured lie link by link 

star draught stimulus lament 

forlorn’d white ash this husk perimeter 

mystagogy of WeWork 

Aviation House kicks me down

office blood horizon keystep 

sung from beds,, pennant made concrete

a diagram of our life murdered on 

bramble heads gripping the lamina 

what little legal entitlement 

we have of this unleavened cake? 

a place you cannot be seen, 

a panacea soliloquy

squeezed to the plughole 

you have been forgotten 

In a One Nation Britain 

washed hallow-gob rentiers breathe 

a culture of dependency

hanging off Argyle socks & shitflickers, 

bead-eyed hurdlestake of middleman faction 

a dismal sheen cast the little cauldron,

together commemorate bled pegs 

the phenomenon of humanisation-

trussed up rigid against 

your skin to see through bits of you 

tangled in rigging

of its widely flown ownership,

a stand-alone flag 

from their leafy vantage-tops 

my heart carries on

undoing nap-pods 

in dark vertical gardens.