Monday 29 April 2024

Ampthill Square (draft)


Ampthill Square your demonic 

High Density Polyethylene 

air cladtoy roof burning 

soufflés the day of mouldwrap

in my eyes a reshe

under pisspoor catechisms 

iring in the mid-distance 

on small infill sites line prophecy 

HS2 straw warnings Rotes Wien 

cannot prevent blood skeleton 

career winning skinfoils

endthwart & Rockfoils

overlong welts sinking empty

& shallow on Purchese Street

Open Space chairs diversionary

concrete maisonettes breakup

Metropolitan District Councils

dust suppressant monitor stations 

 'Well, if we see anything

or are alerted to anything suspicious,

you know our first response has to be physical force.'

the company's official position

hide gloms of golden saxifrage 

requiesce on Euston Road 

The Sixth Carbon Budget

& the purlieus Argyle Square 

stickling dream station,  

from hostel to hostel 

time warped in a field full of moles 

aborted coldness talking to the dead again?

rustling inter-lined Burberry rush

to Surbiton mist drift paraded end of day,

whorl of vapours light solid things fall

dissolve of sandstone what hurts more

in stone bowers paraboloid roof plunges 

glass & concrete miming an upturned ark

the imagined version of the 

1% as architectural design, bed of grey

white pearl shining throwing a halo

a dash or eternity? A Heatherwick Stairway?

gad crack'd all people outside 

are now dead as voices 

from near silence under kissing buildings,

landscrapes your hands & face 

forget yesterday's unkindness;

the heritage version of history 

is embedded shit bas-relief 

buried centuries our little gaps of sedge

gets demented.