Wednesday 6 March 2024

God on a donkey (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)


Fishman on the table like Ducal rights

for later, with Belgium sausage 

& the onion costs petrifies the hands

nevermind show me Manneken Pis 

beheaded in the garden pond 

blanket weed dissolved ketje chains

in the heart Passementerie buttons 

blue silk lampas, embellished 

silver & gold thread 

white gloves strange 

hybrid shrine 

where cultural memory is housed

flowers in the jug on a city street

unstolen on Avenue Louise, the trouble 

with the underclass plebiscites 

from castrum to didaem Château 

remember The European Federation 

Bomzhes, the Polyarchies 

remember the wool meadows in rain sodden

remember Endland folly hardened & 

fallen off again to red faces 

EU umbrellas stalked in façades 

like bitter tithes 

this rapid transport system 

is plastic fresh its wrapper hidden 

in the columns the  

Hill of Tears, runs down inside 

corner pavilions, down Louis XV-style 

bluestone doorways 

dendrochronological big ladle 

takes the Stoofvlees to my mouth

adopted Batavian ears, 

no one keeps old customs 

like a peasant.