Wednesday 24 January 2024

Gilmours Glistering II (Draft/unfinished)


Imposed night sittings, threats against

miscreants swinging from the Union Jack 

or the Cenotaph to kneel painfully on stone

& then wipe all expression from your face,,

so that the viewer would read suppressed or inner pain

on the bonnet of a Jaguar green emerald 

is a lawful you forming part of the Royal Convoy 

HM Berridge of The Vale of Catmose 

a flightless young magpie tumbles to the ground, 

in Oakham, veils of rain shining purple acetate

& murdering songbirds, collapsing ecosystems, 

alleged crimes of tearing out of the eyes & the anuses of lambs 

that they even bear a spot of devil’s blood 

under their tongues

& refused to mourn for Christ, 

The crow family. Jackdaws & Magpies 

share family ties. Carrion kin. Stitched. 

Everyone knows the rhyme, or a version of it:

One magpie brings sorrow; 

Two mirth; Three a wedding; 

Four a birth; Five silver, Six gold; 

& Seven the devil, himself alone!