Thursday 21 December 2023

Red and Silver Thread - bare - to the Former Centre w/ Eleni Poulou, Hilary Jeffery as (ORGANZA RAY), Theresa Patzschke, Cole Denyer & Owen Brakspear at Cittipunkt, Berlin


German release of Ah Beautiful Sky, alongside Eleni Poulou and friends Pringling and bringing and joining out and above - a union of our common practices and common ideas and connection and love. Trying to observe and describe our outer and inner worlds plus showing up and out - 24/7/ liquid centre union. Ultra-Globalisation made palpable, ignoring the new borders: Manchester, London, Berlin- Wedding now in one neighborhood for two weeks or more.

Slubpress is a small-press & reading series situated between Paris & London, run by Owen Fortunato Brakspear. Since 2021 it has published the likes of Verity Spott, JH Prynne, William Rowe, Kat Addis, Joseph Minden & more. Rest Breaks is launching Ah Beautiful Sky by Cole Denyer with readings by Tim Wolf, Theresa Patzschke & Owen Brakspear. Organza Ray will be performing 400 years of long notes, open bags and dancing butterfly blues.   

Words on Ah Beautiful Sky by Tim Wolf:  

Ah Beautiful Sky is hot ash in a refuse area. A sistering to 2022's CC: Death Chartered Institute of Personal Development (Veer2), ABS strips to the nude and redresses and redresses thematic hold-alls with a nit comb. Here Denyer cauterized right-wing biography & policy into poetics, lacing it with tinctures of sardonic, scathing glottal that clogs the opened wounds that CC: left. ABS is punctuated with blood, self-spilled and publicly tapped, every page is a seat peering into the operating table. Denyer makes words hurt, there isn't a moment’s peace in ABS, even the most reflective and delicate of moments, you're a fly in a glue trap. ABS avoids didactics and keeps pace, holding your ears and speaking into your mouth.