Wednesday 20 December 2023

Dissolve the people, elect another? (draft/unfinished)

Plattenbau slows creative workspaces 

the sans-serif typology bonded 

on beermats & bread rolls,             Geist 

the Dachshunds & yoga misted eyes 

unsold scratch devotion lifestyles 

Braun schwarzbiers 

what is an enfranchising future society 

with bent Junkers at the ready, 

the wall-unit topcoats               

                                        Es – lebte – nicht!

Aviator sunglasses at night

stumbles out of a Spaghetti Western 

8mm dia bar & Partagas red label

swilling wine rosea mouthed 

the ghost stations 

in Uranium tiles that 

huckster of the dig 

gets buried under 

Carillon in Berlin-Tiergarten

 Es – lebte – nicht!

My Hasselhoff piano scarf wrapped 

around your neck golden rings 

in your pocket Otto von Bismarck

when the Arm comes down 

the GDR’s cold rim, 

we sing              Looking for Freedom 

outside the Apothekenpflichtig 800mg

gated away the headache 

pills slot blotted in a leer gut 

incredible small inedible breads 

in a crane bucket 

think of something you really love 

impossible fog bloodied zen smelt

Burgervision feet sweeping 

what day is it Bundeswehr? 

 Es – lebte – nicht!

Since I stopped drinking tea, 

it's all over I'm on the edge of the abyss 

& one step further, 

I'm swimming in beer

no appetite for anything, 

the fad pils real sugar Blessing 

large glasses in the morning & 

debates whether 

to drink Köstritzer in Volkspark

Es – lebte – nicht!