Thursday 23 November 2023

Rest breaks (with friends) 2nd & 3rd of December at Cittipunkt Berlin

Red and Silver Thread - bare - to the Former Centre

An event and exhibition and performance series dreamt up by Eleni Poulou and friends

Pringling and bringing and joining out and above - a union of our common practices and common ideas and connection and love.
Trying to observe and describe our outer and inner worlds plus showing up and out - 24/7/ liquid centre union.

Ultra-Globalisation made palpable, ignoring the new borders: Manchester, London, Berlin- Wedding now in one neighborhood for two weeks or more.

Artists, musicians and writers who have shown their work, have lived, live or will live in the UK in one long long long SHOW and show and tell.

Dan Szor "Sausage Apostle"  2.12.2023 - 17.12.2023

Rest Breaks
Organza Ray
Cole Denyer

Slubpress is a small-press & reading series situated between Paris & London, run by Owen Fortunato Brakspear. Since 2021 it has published the likes of Verity Spott, JH Prynne, William Rowe, Kat Addis, Joseph Minden & more. Rest Breaks is launching Ah Beautiful Sky by Cole Denyer with readings by Tim Wolf, Theresa Patzschke & Owen Brakspear. Organza Ray will be performing 400 years of long notes, open bags and dancing butterfly blues.


Words on Ah Beautiful Sky by Tim Wolf:

Ah Beautiful Sky is hot ash in a refuse area. A sistering to 2022's CC: Death Chartered Institute of Personal Development (Veer2), ABS strips to the nude and redresses and redresses thematic hold-alls with a nit comb. Here Denyer cauterized right-wing biography & policy into auto-poetics, lacing it with tinctures of sardonic, scathing glottal that clogs the opened wounds that CC: left.  ABS is punctuated with blood, self-spilled and publicly tapped, every page is a seat peering into the operating table. Denyer makes words hurt, there isn't a moment’s peace in ABS, even the most reflective and delicate of moments, you're a fly in a glue trap. ABS avoids didactics and keeps pace, holding your ears and speaking into your mouth, KILL THE CPS.


Organza Ray are Hilary Jeffery and Eleni Poulou, working together since the spring of 2022. Early improvised soundtracks to spontaneous storytelling have transformed into future folk songs. Their work includes collaborations with many other musicians and artists, live and in the studio. They are connecting pathways of knowledge through sound, discovering shimmering entrances and underwater arches.

Theresa Patzschke and Eleni Poulou started creating sounds and words together after a playing a show at the ICA London with Recycling Plastic Inevitable, a video and audio band woth Martin Ebner and Sebastian LĆ¼ttgert.  in 2019. They felt an instant kinship and started playing as a duo in 2020. Together they follow their hearts and combine their poems, stories and music, creating a new approach to storytelling and improvisation as a form of sonic collage.