Monday 27 November 2023



Paternoster Square

small & weak this dreaming field

background to work 

New Classical macroeconomics 

New Classical tiny glass beads

new satin finished logscales & 

the multi-levels rendered image 

peerless white limestone of chlorine 

ducts or some flaming urn 

& no drinking water, sabre of light

filigree lightness is anodyne 

& as low as possible 

over the tidal Thames

these decoy vents 

feed you air, 

off seed cathedrals

& noon-marked monocoques

hollowed dusks

developments in the wreck of our

anti-ferrules scratched inside 

the wet paper brain 

Werkstatt grilles flushed pavements

from the swilling ‘ideas engine’ 

Stanhope PLC 

a windswept 

field of glass, 

voluminous,, your mother’s bead expertise,

seeing futuristic housing prototypes

in Milton Keynes

 a Workplace Mediation Specialist 

hangs a heavy chain over my heart  

your team knows why

& takes my eyes out 

unrivaled : at the 

Construction Expo Five Angel Heads Comprise,

masques for the court of King

the biospheres smites  

& how to die in it? sitting on the 

laver of eclipsed aches 

all human malevolence planned

orange light porphyry stone

stand on the backs

it’s meaningless orange

porphyry stone 

& the loggia curls 

composite out social bowels

for creative workspace typology 

bonded & elevated

I have wished to be 

inside clutter free interior spaces mouthless

I have wished the skin 

in wreckless twirls, 

the skeleton hanging out 

& all the services are in my veins

who cares 

I love the centreless centre 

I love the seductive image hole

of organic architecture

& being in a state of 

constant pulsating desire

I am sparsely clad in Kensington Borough

in see-through hieroglyphs

the floors glistened  

wrapped nubilities 

hose-like mechanical 

snaked in & over around 

austerities in the wren 

in the blue midnight tabulation

the taut diminution wedded nodes 

& you eat-nodes i

The Giant Needery forevermore.