Wednesday 22 November 2023

Moorgate Rain (CIVIL RECOVERY)


Moorgate rains ethanol fluid

turns the mourning out of earth 

where I wander staked out for 

scatological rites of all nations 

under corporate umbrellas

staked out for flesh of welded indices 

in multiple deprivations,  

staked out like a charred linnet buff 

burning for burnings sake 

hammered on this oneiric NCP London clay  

our bellum mouth runs around

the deregulated Square Mile 

Roman city boundaries its ‘Corporation’ 

65,000 cubic metres of soil taken

for more Bronze long-limbed hares 

CLC veneers

elected representatives

& its arcane 

Common Councilmen, 

milk-paled Aldermen, sallow sheriffs 

& Lord from Medieval guilds a jasmine flower

stuck behind your ears;

air-kissing the profoundest carrion



jack-knifed the bend of a hockey stick

an act of revenge against society

forever perfumes bloody naked warmth

into the sand-drag that blows Tbilisi rose 

off pleasant ayres.

The Office Group’s unique ‘club’ environment

 curses in the evening light  

descends city quarter  

peal, a greater & emptier lease

for you doorstopper 

the regeneration scheme has stolen 

our municipal chairs to share 

how are we to serving as a circuit breaker,

that in all cases from cursing at the light? 

an uplift, bursts of punitiveness–

are turned to the beloved,

& now live on rake thin 

low resolution mirrors  

on an access threshold 

the slow curdle of light 

lulls me in damp, 

wet-winged brooding out bin-bags 

you ask ‘why’d you keep fluttering here? 

survived to a little force, 

like tar & this is fucked roadmap?

starred filing to desist in the portcullis 

as accoutrements meet roses curved

in burning words are truest, 

& in warbling unrest 

– especially at night, 

when you can’t see 

hypertrophied apartment blocks 

rolling over occasionally sublime

waiting on each little unit 

to be yours alone & forever 

not Equity Shared.