Tuesday 25 July 2023

Your House is on Fire (draft/re-edit)


Your House is on Fire

Longphorts, raids 

hear Granny talk about Clonfin Ambush 1921

the arrival of the first Civic Guards, her father 

19 men, 2 lorries, reinforcements-150 men

14 lorries arrive later British Forces burned 

inside glass houses taciturn tomatoes 

blossoming endrot & what collapses again.

‘Do you still water apple trees?’ when the fruits

start to swell.


‘Madame, you are not allowed in this Safeway, 

the next Safeway is in on Honeypot Lane,’ &

laugh & stumble away, 

take a train, take a bus under skyless agendas

trussed jackets, the Baptism, Confirmation,

the Eucharist asymmetric warfare

The Hay Wain in a broken gilded frame,

‘Lady, barred from Tesco.’ Spider hatchery

as spiderlings do, in this case 

dispersing as far as the bookcase 

to house raids, checkpoints, patrols, 

Coca-Cola cans stacked in reverse 

& Granny, behind the glassdoor 

the weight of the body 

mainly on the fingers feet back, 

to stand on tip-toes

one of the 'five techniques' 

Dirty Mick PADDY O Green Bastard 

why is your hair always grey?

& why do you wear bleach stained purple dresses?

an Audi a4 Quattro Clutch Replacement 

is your new address 

23 Roberts Close the garden candytuft tiles 

in yellow lake deep, 

a maroon coloured fireplace 

& meaningfully continue, etc. 

a conservatory in a catchment area 

a cul-de-sac of search & destroys

Laying on the damp dogtoothed carpet tiles 

to be eaten within its own domicile 

the pine tree since cutdown 

replaced with Bairstoweves For Sale

like ladybugs Mary Our Lady 

her seven joys & her seven sorrows

filled with empty gin bottles

& your house is on fire

& your children are gone

ask what is a mother? ing mutter

back to instantly move or die 

in silver hay, in Woolworths 

creeping under the warming pan 

elf-eared & unforgotten. 

Your house is on fire

your bones are somewhere else 

near a carpark where Who Wants to

Be a Millionaire? Elstree Studios, 

Clockwork Oranges Durango 95 

coming down the lane outside 

Brickett Wood running from Munden House 

to School Lane, was the 

Police Landrover/ ‘Trough Beating’ scene

would remind you of suffering

of the particular intensity 

& cruelty implied by the word torture 

in the Name of the Father, 

Gardaí told you to go to a nunnery. 

& made with kid, sometimes mutter 

of that particular intensity & cruelty 

by the word & all the way down the banisters

lies conscious choosing 

marks the watershed between 

the non-violent way of being 

‘repeat the mantra’ to not die 

in your own sons vacant bedroom, 

Our Lady Mick Paddy O Bastard Dead.

They said a sudden increase 

in intraluminal pressures, 

due to violent vomiting or retching

an Englishman downstairs 

listening to you sometimes. 

Like all Art Forms likely suffered or struggled,  

to become in Nature or lithographic prints. 

Descriptions of the property are subjective 

& are used in good faith 

as an opinion & NOT as a statement of fact. 

Mahogany bannister original dado telling me 

in the romantic walled garden, 

telling me 15, 19, 23 bottles everyone does it

in a cupboard made of twine

at least in the dignity of her own,

like morning papered over 

to a sunglow of outside

your house is on fire.