Wednesday 26 July 2023

Jolyon (re-edit)


A place you go to clusters up inside 

managerial techniques

its dulling ache hushes your sacrum 

tribulated in knots secreted Programmes 

the Employee Support is gas

& Excellence is People Management. 

Strong Operations 

& O to wrangle under Occupational Health, 

in the mornings gaggle you can feel it 

rising the tight soft haired anomies 

darning a light to a beautiful sky! 

it narrows in eyesore infinitesimal small  

the rest of the body,, to work-ready & yielded examples 

of laws & symbols starpaddled 

in blood,, coves the silence of our lives 

to enjambed frights & ribcages, 

& you concur, & clench both your fists 

for about 15 seconds, then relax them 

& feel the tension draining away 

from your arm muscles. Repeat this twice. 

Hunch your shoulders for 15 seconds & relax. 

Repeat twice. Continue the same routine with jaw 

clenching & relaxing. Finally, screw your eyes up tightly 

& relax, feeling the tension disappear. 


There is no ‘acceptable’ level of sickness absence allowable 

turning lifeless & life discretes 

realignment to responsibilities, 

adequate equipment & workplace derivatives 

what unknowingly pinholes 

a pickering worse upon the middle ear, 

as you hear, like small bones breaking near 

disciplined glue

stuck its forces betterment beyond future scars, Epsilons

inflated from cruelties & pathic moving missives 

holds closures effort  

by rote joy plucked & unlasting 

& how to break under it 

& live there flexible working procedures  

I called out your voice once 


soft under a moonlit silence 

a clemency pill to suffer the opposite, 

so felt a probation officers itching imperative 

inside at the base of a cache, 

a fingering to all the hidden uncommittables, 

& the communiques 

retracting another incentive,,

a performative review longingly turning blue 

to misconduct picked off 

a day bruising pill,        

to whisperless encirclings the cold tarries 

& the private reneges of work 

& kneel at my feet , 

I swear not to giggle,                                           


The results are yours, you see

stuck in the middle it's inevitable 

there's no better moment of twisted clarity 

when you feel the effects in peaks like chains of lead!   

O to bounce me upon your knee 

People Management

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

kicking two coffins of wasted bulbs

& gone social pathology under transmitted deprivations, 

& to fist in of personhood failed permanently

& marched them to the left 

marched them to the right 

marched them all the way around 

marched them out of sight 

& so who counts their steps 

Up goes you! to the tune of

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

& to bounce me upon your knee 

Recruitment & Operations Manager

the mettle & nerve & 

your wooden images fall out a performative review curve

We wore them up, we wore them down 

To please the people of the town 

We wore them east, We wore them west 

But we never could tell! Which we liked best! 

Building. Strong. Operations. 

I swear not to giggle 

Employees Relation Adviser

Faster, faster, faster Round 

& round & round Then STOP!   

Kneel at my feet , I swear not to giggle 

pickering in the introduction of 

Performance Related Pay pipelines previously 

not existing. 

I'm a little cuckoo clock. 

Tick tock, tick tock, Stop! 

Every single morning,

You & Me joy long, to

pluck & pick & thrum 

as eaves begun to pull, a life

in the direction of feeling 

much like our own, now

we can claim together at once & both, vicariously

you in me & me in you 

from Carnoustie High School,

moral fibre, stamina & willpower 

your druthers, 

so the feelings stray our lasting 

breath, & inebriations twisted all but death,  

& to still go on to become a successful master diplomat!! 

& to still survive a crippling car accident 

& marched to the left 

& marched to the right 

marched all the way around 

marched out of sight

& O again,, bounce me upon your knee, our knee 

Employee Relations Adviser 

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

                                                                          to stick & screw down, 

under skin & wellbeing 

of consequence to suffer & be Plucked, 

is so private the rites of which evulse, 

to repeat this tantra Jolyon

a thousand points of light 

through your body cramping 

your mouth to the order of: 

I sometimes send emails early or late in the day but I do not expect you to respond outside working hours. 

& inhabit the cruellest pizzicato now in breach

as lifeless speech,:  

‘I'm so very sorry how this has made you feel.’

While sweet green meadows lie beneath                 


you go out in twisted versions 

to trichotillomania 

instructions inflict its manual

convulsed to plucked narrows edge 

a thousand urges to tear from your body 

policies, procedures, & practices

People Management, 

you hurt longingly from is expulsion

as Rewards & Systems 

a sawing motion, to open 

your considered advance notification 

vanishing to terminal hairworms

that disciplinary hearing remade in medicines itch

your life's last wishes 

noiselessly integrated 

‘sitting with….’ the cribbed ledger again 

reading 10,000 pieces: 

‘Health is a state of complete physical mental & social well-being not merely an absence of disease & infirmity’

& you longed to nudge at the sill, 

as pushed pink slips sickle-bill 

to a demoted termination

the retrenchment Rapunzel syndrome

lulls within the stomach seat

to ingurgitate the law you saw to  

a Joylon law, 

sung to You in me & me in  you,,,  

a lament swirling to ulcerations touch 

a place in history, for people 

& the right kind of people, 

in the right kind of places, 

at the right kind of time, 

doing things for which they are economically useful 

to have the services of the right kind of people 

at the right time, you in me & me in you 

when you feel the effects yet pickering

& sing a song, smickering that arouses

as creeping dread to all that is Terrible—

& still you see stuck in the middle 

it's inevitable there's no better moment of twisted clarity 

me in you & you in me every night wrassing 

glom holed between dayitches 

a matins purge clawed to clavicle

& history is bunk 

of syndicates,, labels,,in lieu of wages 

a happiness not your happiness, 

a sadness not your sadness 

& be made treacherous demonstrations,, inside  

treacherous work addendums 

you in me & me in you.