Thursday 22 June 2023

Core Quality Standards (draft/unfinished)


Officer pushed him. He went forward. 

Thought he had hit his head. 

Expected blood beneath the surface of the skin 

or dead tissue above the surface hair is an attribute, 

part of the human body it breaks into an arrangement 

or configuration the category of a weapon elegised to class 

a pricket gathering at the base of emergency situations, 

with just enough hope below that glow filled blood 

is yours,         QC Rivlin 

on moonbeams a cruel vector of birchen pens,

The Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer, 

a redoubtable wielding roflcopter 

of justice drugged to taskforce a plea-filled earglow 

your children's hopes as burnt missives, 

commercial leases,, the courtyard apex tribunal

upon which the presiding authority sat; 

inside these delicate circles that conceit 

hails exception lawfully as garlands of stars circling 

together delighting again bent on again   

that such light cloud fragments 

still face justice & not twist about the public deserving 

our legally enshrined, & age-old tradition, 

to spiked to peace, the lauding State,, 

whittling germane all-powerful love 

that creates & tends to all things, 

in its care that's flashing through me, right now! 

from the last stars utter commitment & overweening 

Power of the Bar, & you repeat to stuttering,, 

 give us the tools & arguments & defence lines 

&to allow us to say that the water cannons are necessary 

or plastic bullets allowed, permissible & still today,

as its deterring eternal embrace is blissful 

& is with good goodness, &is their existence now

& is policing over personnel codes 

& what constitutes, a weapon previously 

a history of : 

‘You will feel the full force of the law. 

And if you are old enough to commit these crimes, 

you are old enough to face the punishment’

twenty-four-hour court sittings 

with no pause on weekends 

to increase the rate of convictions, & 

made a personal appearance at 4am 

at Highbury Magistrates Court to boost morale.

Core Quality Standards     

billing my head’s so burnt. – a thousand times before:  

You sweet children, tell me then: 

Aren’t you part of Lucifer’s race? 

You’re so nice I’d like to kiss you, again & again, 

It feels as if this is your proper place. 

To be naturally handed down 

to the conveyor-belt of Justice.  

‘a strategic decision has been made … 

that in all cases from cursing at the light? 

– are turned to the beloved, CPS strained 

to prohibited & by British law,

 was dragged snatched at, 

like scabs who cry a placard weaponized 

in the end, you’re just a disgusting shite. 

Why’d you keep fluttering here? 

like tar & sulphur & this is a fucking roadmap

filing to desist to you to grieve in the portcullis 

these accoutrements meet human rights guidelines

these are meant to understand what I’m saying 

& understand what they have to do, 

understand : Core Quality Standards 

a Snooper’s Charter

as teeth on Rapid riot 

prosecutions hovering roses in curves 

as hearts may contest yet words are truest, 

& of the clearest gathering round its apex, 

us as framed,  I am here, in my proper place. 

It’s hard to see how anyone escapes. 

Though day may smile on us with rational gleams, 

The night entwines us in a web door creaks,

 a eulogising speech breaks against

the teeth as per streamlining

to statutory swallows 

to the Knight of the Realm,, then raised 

to codes of conduct granular predecessors 

 policing at the apex of  unremitting work ethic

to the emptiest space bleaches behind us,

a standing worth & what was said, Sir 

for the State, its servants perquisites & protections 

technocrates listening advisers, exercises,, 

focus groups flexible hatreds stilled to edge, , 

 to close your mouths & noses! 

You, are Britain’s Fairest Man,, asserting:  

There’s no room for sulking 

you are not healed in circles flashing 

illustrative purposes….illustrative purposes

all the relevant factors into account

what constitutes ‘a weapon’ 

a product of broken homes, moral decline

imposed night sittings, threats against 

an individual or business.