Monday 24 April 2023

Ritblat Down 1 (draft)


All the forms & images in the world can be revoked 

remembering your childhood & shuddering dismounts  

nothing produced on him a disc of omissions, 

 Sir James Ritblat (reticulated),, your mothers disappearance 

near a Hertfordshire airfield 10 nautical miles John agitatrixs 

hurdling a 7 per cent annual cut 

10 nautical mothers to the laxey billfroth 

with long memories 

& then there were none but fathers 

decimals lie in bed late at night watching old comedies 

such as Only Fools and Horses, Porridge and Carry On films. 

“That’s my humour,” Senior Ritblat leaks out. 

“I’m much happier going to sleep with a smile on my face. 

But… it isn’t the same. Back then we had Tiny…

we shared the Cots in clubbing faith”

An adviser's silky smooth voice tails off 

waving two fingers at British Land, 

PLC holy-stricken Corporate Governance

Buildings are bricks & mortar, to be bought & sold 

the drooping floors a sinking chorus 

of imperium hard-ons 

safeguarding the lineage line 

in opaline light 

portfolio canopies shade 

grandeurs mawing the strongbox

wrathless swells a tongue to keynote 

like nothing under heaven

the beginning of spring, a chorus moving

up with the Cupronickel Ponte Giardino 

& down with our enemies, high fronds to get living 

undermanic thieves bind dewy bade

rents the brightest culled darkly naked & afraid

along the whole 127 Mile city turned inside-out

& salvage at least one cobbled hill

still twisting about a living good

humming on You,, notice an air turned by guises 

a number of design objectives 

to the stated aims the whole earth

of TMO & Client aspirations

parterres aflame or be forbade 

uncommit the Malicious Damage Act 1861,

 in sinkhole estates to the spot braid 

under broiling suns ZoneOneland rainsoaked 

a neurotically protected citadel 

of the undead rolled in primrose 

amenities fall out, a structural spandrel under windows 

horizontal, a decorative facing hook so clearly the tariff of 

good faith will be deferred

to the imaginary children of the future.

the aluminum balconies 

stapled fields of industrial dream units 

a feeling on cantilevered platforms to view something like 

a glass atria inside Big Yellow Self-Storage big sheds 

plastic-clad buildings, a Rubik’s Cube steel column

narthex’d life packet neon-lit pipes Ritblat’s spawn 

staring air to Grisaille, daughters cursed word-lists 

light bulbs draped through the grounds of the party 

1#‘Ritblat Family Circus’ live camels, monkeys, 

Vintner commodes and children, 

a tent with a gold sign beaming Michael McIntyre 

on hand to provide the jokes like bitten toxins:

The most elusive of creatures is a right-of-centre millennial 

breaking over the White Cliffs of Dover, a Non-virtue signaller. 

With zero snowflake credentials. An English Identitarian. 

No Surrender. God saves.  

Interrupting a passage of private inflections 

every whispered word 

a body lies in a boules pitch, in stables,

in tennis courts & underground swimming pools

sub-Pendereckian clicks & drones slither out from above 

‘people’ aren’t even real; Ritblat spelling out vapour trails 

there are perks in chains of lead you can feel it

no alternative 

under hannibal house 

no alternative 

under tempest 

no alternative 

under napping fabrics 

weaponised figments in forgotten places 

& was always an ultimatums graph 

its marrow turns blue starry red shift

yellows licking camshafts to shine on S.A.D. lamps

featureless trees are broken, establishes Nue Ground 

a life, strategic planning I feel a certain pang inside my chest

 see  a  hole  as  big as  tenpence  in  the  glass.

Names  emerge.   And the  pain  grows  spec­ifically apart , 

localised ,   around the  heart, or the  stomach,  or the  lungs

nothing curls to city point lights 

take it in, experience slipped down 

listless bullrings familial processes ‘at the heart of’ 

more police more green spaces 

more police  more green spaces

more police more green spaces

more police more green spaces 

the rose and the lily's whiteness do not deprive

the violet of its scent nor make less ravishing the daisy's charm inside 

 & ask ‘the right people in the right place’ 

& calling all hearts to emulate £20.00 ceases; 

filling us with divisions, confusions, tumults 

& every eviled head-down churning off a cliff, 

ate it daily scabs snopake’d with powdered glass 

manja line to opposing broken pledges 

misty archipelagos oversight kettling a sky lounge, 

45th floor bar-kitchen co-working space 

to poisoned residents retail chains face to face morning gagging: 

‘arrows with solid lines represent 

the statistically significant paths, 

and broken lines to show 

the nonsignificant paths.’

Eat the deed variable explained in the Results Section

an innovative affordable housing company tightens its halogen light

to snuff path model of n.b. no hope no kindred place 

behind gates & ramified lanyard, forsake

a front desk company directives make

finger filed red to business premises 

 all these unscathed plods in utero caning 

the height of a crown reduced by Alpha City International,

its children growing become humble & funny

as shiny trespa shards sink to be willing to narrow in keyholes 

or to have to be willing to whispering pink slips 

for how could love be a steel pergola our words will be

diminished to paybench to trap PACE, codes of practice 

a place for no-one cilled jambhead, the cyanosis a wall 

illegible to northerners 

& Eddie Stobarts Class Alliance rises 

famed ginger group, The League of Empire Loyalists 

as it dissolved or merged with Rheinzink hollowed blood 

voiding 72 habitable floors

YouGov poll finding eight out of ten people 

agreed to a depressed apex in the head 

in ginnels in ennogs in snickets from public amenities 

a battleground lost & the skies spark & die with zephyrs

as city interns burn the magic roundabout twice

under spruce buds between fingers picked by vote 

bluey whose dead hole now leads in-itching 16 year olds

flaked white skin to prevent roosting

flashes of British Gypsum cuts teethwet brogues 

to the British Standard 

Ritbalt,, the empty shore swells mudflats, 

a Michael McIntyre joke on its darkling plain:

An English Identitarian. Zero snowflake credentials. 

Non-virtue signaller. Right-of-centre millennial breaks over 

That most elusive of creatures. No Surrender. 

Manacle slithered, always a dull thud of a narwhal tusk

somewhere under the bridge, in public domains

Ritblat,, Sir James, 

you are now part of the Post-Boom years 

on a hill near a farm in Wimpstone, Warwickshire.

In Teletubbyland, the hillocks are flooded with blood 

to make a coin tower 

made up of six billion penny pieces 

is starred out in a tiara on the head of this fabulous city

a fist closes to work is for everyone

esprit de corps the rewards system tangles up 

inside the head nonverbal cues 

teeth hang-up in gurgles 

dim violently turns to prigs 

within dull winds nerve colonnades break off  

a feeling unpins 

in the mid-distance on small infill sites 

the floor which force breaks 

birdsong inside steel mullions

that become suddenly blinding

triaging your intimate nerve 

to creak for at the end of night 

the hymn went away 

the eyes, behind the scattergraphs biff weaning 

into a stranded call lugfails v-shaped

a state of blessedness commensurate,,

the cruelest murky  bowl-like silhouette, 

a single curved petal made of shining hammered copper

ambuscade the Alpha Plus Group, its changelings 

bluenosing the dower hand 

its grundy pedant killjoy stuffed shirts 

play British Virgin Island, toby jugged  

a sprawling pinch lurking inside limited companies 

you become a dying whirligig the inner of planned breeding 

a swindled air

to wallbang this scythe 

the quietest regicide minims a bower 


court boots rack over 

your twitching an Adelphi Genetics Forum 

10 nautical miles agitatrixs

of corporal penalties, you evade  

in the plenary room under said stolen madrigals

agitatrixs brigged like blockades 

remembering again a mothers disappearance, 

reversed through glen perishing eyelashes 

a fading sapping thin brass 

over your bilking lapse with HMRC 

culls slow to cold auspices 

engrams abstracted the total funds 

documented the  gamma civic 

remembering the floors 

have absolutely no cracks at all 

but a sinkhole increases daily 

the touching pass under mercury vapour light 

its greenish white the Central Management Office 

you go in atm’s come out 

like arachinards from silver poisoned breath

skin  without  blood  gradually,  chest without  air,

slack thin stomach,  caving in through dimming glass

& to hash for life in a Welfare Room,, somewhere near or close to groundsheet 

devoted father  the care password is StampCall*

remembering the floors have absolutely no cracks at all 

to be clutched under a roof garden, a café, 

a ‘breakout room’ the future,

closes six billion penny pieces to steel gavel 

a sound as you appeared tethered , your families 

evertide inside Olympic Village to run out 

  for every whispered word a body lies

in a boules pitch in cages in stables

in tennis courts and underground swimming pools

sky gardens, viewing platforms the Public London Charter

for the users, owners and managers of public spaces

debug my linked mangle, light hoisted by tackling root 

,,the user crashes like a gateway built into a program sealed

in its missing features, cut out in the sky.  

Office blood in enfilade black steel laws. 

Resident profiles. Aperfect sprangle in braced glass.

We have everything to live for 

walkway stretches its sick building syndrome.  

terms @ conditions break to petaling 

into jagged stripes in your life

from the skies to Mountain View HQ 

security solutions loud as glass over the furrowed glebe

a future data centre wire needle clanks

past the black fence lies a green expanse

a putative building site barcoded façades 

a habitat, everything is here under

Section 106 Agreement

under heave, impact other than hostile aircraft

& other aerial threat & articles

& dropped therefrom riot civil commotion

& feeling, malicious damage bursting overflowing water tanks apparatus or pipes, its impact by road vehicles terrorism available

on reasonable terms

& such other proper risk to feeling gaggled

a necklace of glass 

beads down your throat it burrows a pros & cons  

to survive twisting leopards bane 

devils helmet the queen of all poisons 

on parricided come downs burns a starry mark or padded path

the local authority smarting its multisystemic therapy

carved sessile oak making hematoma flowers not permanent, 

sweet, not long lasting