Wednesday 19 April 2023

Mill ennui 2000 (draft)


Mill ennui 2000

And to be again by toxic draffs

its soil burdened with arsenic & mercury 

near the access point a large white marquee underinks 

lauded codas & coiffed fingers burnt plastic 

tetches off this cloud remade again  

an image shrinks to some super-totem inverted fascia 

runs on teflon, a faintly baited linchpin

inclines burgundy bottles with regimental ties for wicks, 

the Prince of Darkness Molotov Astras

1999 moving forward a beacon to the world

into the richness of the British character. Ergo.

Creative. Compassionate. Outward looking.

a triumph of confidence over cynicism, 

boldness over blandness, 

excellence over mediocrity 

harped, cupola one withering blimp 

settled at the mouth of the peninsula, 

Britannia strays dragging over shingle 

it vanished complex tangles 

what invented future means in shining leaden water. 

& you float back into Enterprise Culture

a compulsion etched onto its scrying glass spectrally,

extruded into deadlands containing within itself

the last council-operated high-rise red eyed

& everyone is left on carcinogenic marshes 

a Chairman’s haircut congeals in Tip-EX & the sun 

atop the dome dances just like in the moonlight

O when that moon is big & bright 

& it’s a supernatural delight, 

when everybody is dancing in the moonlight!

molotov Astras people sized 

& you go down with the building inside

you’re holding the bottle at its neck, you chuck it hard at the window, 

at the base of its bottle an Index of Multiple Deprivations, 

a regional quota system breeding out 

Value For Money a bursting measuring instrument to public consultations 

its hedonic pricing can be used to body-lock

'value' from the placid gag, people again falling 

or to be a particular theory of change 

or specifically 'area-based' factors

a pin, that you hold on your tongue

believing in the end a pin something pure;

which might, for example, arise for worklessness 

its confidence interval there is a leakage

the evaluation team extracts a root 

its data covers as resource into a evidence based Inquiry

a pin, 'individual enterprise support'

& 'matching people to jobs'

on this form of leakage

a cutesy call in reference to your wellbeing 

by pulling together data from a common baseline

collated at the heart of what means-testing peaks deprived

within each to create more 

the more of which is difficult

defining a private world, 

a private cause you are entitled to bring someone, something 

on an 'optimistic basis' within the ranges

with the lowest deadweight, lowest displacement, lowest leakage  

that you hold on your tongue

as if at the end but the end,

we must remember,

doesn’t last long enough. 

Final Reports assesses a fealty tsk

with social relations,

vertical trust, and the

corrosive mental health index against

'closing the gaps' with other areas 

& feeling part the feeling part is one obvious problem 

a moderate sky derived from nowhere

& out of, these indices waivering molotovs 

hard indicators of change 

change said again but differently, 

to the Final Report Volume 5 (chapter 2) 

worth flagging up that sorry is the hardest word 

but you learn from your mistakes remember 

secondary, data, covering

relatively small, deprived or eaten up parts of you 

devalued or sunk into

the architecture of moonlit colonnades, 

the custodial moonlit amphitheaters, the moonlit

night-club interiors as disinterred by Edwin Lutyens 

on old drugs & re-thought as a underground bungalow 

& exit into anti-ligature moonlit prisons 

with calico print on the walls

elbows in the topiary garden dancing

a low octane hallucination

around flight you can feel it

crawling living the alpha city a corral of networks 

in the middle of the three story high complex 

nobody is left, but plastic-clad buildings 

shaped like a Rubik’s Cube on the stated aims of the 

TMO & Client aspirations endorsed subcommittees

cantilevered platforms narrowed to scalloped edges 

the logarithmic scale breaks overhead. 

There is no door but a sort of oval flap, 

a opening tripped into flashes of your behavioural map, 

sunk its token bent out of shape 

but allowed to pass down a long sequences of spaces 

eventually hitting the Vent-Axia 

& crumpling into the arm of a giant figure 

a zone based on the human body, this zone then divided 

into four parts by sort of a dual carriageway

a waterway & what appears to be blood with visible blood cells 

pumped around the floor & walls.

Shimmering lenticular titles, to be felt to be

standing at the height of the Stature of Liberty

a wellness centre where you grow concrete

topping out silicon roundabouts under mastic verdant

solutions, a crying dreadnought klaxons something while

an interactive scanner

would appear to find parasites 

on the body & multiply them,

inside a past millennial ungloved bleaches white

& accelerates in the dark

above a series of skin hoops fused together in a stress position

its two halves reluctantly clinging to each other,

behind burnt public sector workers a private door 

& the best picnics on Agars Plough, 

how can you forget massive gazebos 

Moët out the proverbial bucket! 

subsequent decades in variant forms across demographic indicators

the city the redevelopment of a fetish; 

its buried strata of contamination 

representing another kind of heat

a zone within a zone; 

a cylinder of How Shall I live?, 

night rain a series of barriers & check-points

broken to light its infinitely distant far ended growing

luminous watch-dials strategically buried in cesspits on site 

to be opened some point in the nearing future 

a leakage engagement, a maximum target group

falling on a sliding scale

no forgotten people

in an undercroft its nuclear light singeing 

madness, or early death geo-coded.

Scatter diagrams are used 

to new entrepreneurial micro-billeted polymers 

now counts as a skin, as a face its complex gyration

a private equity firm in brownfields. A proxy rank 

the cashflows to a cowabunga pipeline 

pushing ever upwards into a toxic pyramid, 

from the apportioning process & then added back

with arsenic & mercury there are perks in 

chains of lead you can feel it.