Tuesday 11 April 2023

Joylon Plucked (draft/unfinished)


A government in this country should be run just like a corporation, 

made up of the landed interest, 

which alone has the right to be represented. 

As for a rabble, who have nothing but personal property, 

what hold has the nation of them? 

They may pack up all their property on their backs, 

and leave the country in the twinkling of an eye.

Lord Braxfield,

 Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, 


Or be mangled, soft haired anomies in the rich meadow 

punitive approaches docked friends, involuntary groups 

& as a last resort, of course 

the State, darns a light plucked to a beautiful sky! 

A wreath not made for you. 

Nice isocost in the eyrie. 

Nice reorganisation of the workplace 

a place you go to clusters up 

the managerial techniques

a dulling ache hushed 

in your sacrum, a rich meadow  

tribulated mostly in knots, 

secreted Programmes, the Employee Support 

is a gas that kills to hushed Excellence, 

to People Management,& Strong operations. 

O wrangled incapacity under Occupational Health 

inspection narrowing in the eyesore, wronging

the rest of the body to work-ready & yielded example

of laws and symbols its Flexible Working Procedures starpaddled 

by blood & the silence of our lives goes in

to enjamb frights, ribcages  = so you concur, 

Clench both your fists for about 15 seconds, 

then relax them & feel the tension draining away from your arm muscles. 

Repeat this twice. Hunch your shoulders for 15 seconds & relax. 

Repeat twice. Continue the same routine with jaw clenching and relaxing. 

Finally, screw your eyes up tightly & relax them, feeling the tension disappear.

there is no ‘acceptable’ level of sickness absence allowable 

turning lifeless 

& life itself discretes 

realignment to responsibilities, equipment & workplace 

what directives knowingly love unpinholes to fading 

a pickering worse upon the middle ear, 

you hear a incline, small bones breaking 

to disciplinary forces & betterment bridles my head 

beyond future scars, Epsilons

from inflated cruelty & pathic moving missives 

the institutional surface holds closures efforts 

a fixing jamb by rote locked on pluck, merit 

joy & how to break under it 

in a trice, flexible working commitments

I called out your voice 

a probation officer 

at the end of an accusing finger,

unnamed capabilities inside dayblue swivel chairs slowly but

spontaneously combusting

an air gap grievance to a pay gap grievance

which your closing lids itch search terms–

a moral imperative, a hidden uncommittable, 

darned in the rich meadow at the base of

a cache, incentive a performative review 

a day long bruising pill, 

whisperless encircling the cold tarries

the private tether reneges of work

of competencies & values. 

An Emily Thorberry tweet breaks your ear 

Yaxleys in pales of milk based eugenics. 

Under the tumble weave bushhammered enclosure traps

 everynight wrassing a dayitch to matins blood

History is a bunk of syndicates,, of labels,,

In lieu of wages treacherous work addendums take place

things are as they are, things are as they were, 

things as they will be fairly, equitably & consistently

, a noncompliant burning off each wrist 

eaten digit lasts all day, 

the details daily of which can be found in 

above & beyond a rich meadow cut to shrim 

your rich meadow itself self attacking

expect to be antithesis an eroding sense of care

in the foreground of no pain exclusively tight.