Monday 9 January 2023

Woolards Crashing (draft)


Woolards Crashing




Half-seen from the inside 

hums with your face  

“it was all good fun until someone

tried to kill a police officer with a fire extinguisher” 

physical keys, numerical codes, 

complex passwords, biometric identification 

hush that sloops Sitex 

& what it means 

to undarken light somewhere you have never been 

Woollard’s crashing 

wake up into the shape unreturned again

as concrete maisonettes fall

tapering nothing to nothing

 a voice breaks from the corner–

---I drive a large Trojan 

armour engineering vehicle 

it looks like a giant metal lobster 

God Save the Queen.  No Surrender.

I stand in a line forever 

From Ringwood, near

Bagnam Forest Corner 

with my 16 air assault brigade 

No Surrender. I stand in a line forever in Church Of England prayerbook, 

kissing tightly for myself entirely, 

to my bursting heart, my head of state 

it's why I attended Army Command

& Staff College in Camberley

& NATO Defense College, 

I’m finishing my last stint

as Chief of Staff of Forces Pension Society 

with my adjutant 10 para,

my signaller, Masher,,,.. 

my kindred flame. I promise Masher,

that if I die before you 

I would come & tell you, 

I love my country 

& I sank to the bottom of it once

but you were there, my tenderest 

exurban Daily Mail reader

your lovebite continues. 

with or without whipping 


in red blood rain – this type requires specialist disposal

this type can be dispensed into a sewage drain 

this type can be dispersed into the air 

this type can be poured into your neck

I want to write to you about a single gesture 

growing like cancer.

Not just in numbers. 

Look,,this untouched heart goes below

coiled after all our morality was so upside down 

that what many knew in their hearts 

as right was held publicly to be wrong 

hard work, thrift, risk taking 

Slacking at work, 

living off the state, 

union mob rule. 


this type can be dispensed into the Soul Politic 

this type can be dispersed into personal morality

this type can be poured into  your courage, 


The nation is beginning to find its moral strength again. 


The police have responded. 

Their morale and their morals are improving. 

Just as well an accelerating factor sweet and gentle 

The state, though still far too large and still, 

alas taking far too great a share of the national cake, 

is beginning to respond to the will of the government

The national debate. 



The word is not only swifter than the sword, it can be surer.

into the shape  unreturned

Woollard’s the will of the government

a sacred gasp clap went 

around the house as it lifted 

the national cake, 

is beginning to respond 

Everywhere the economy is on the move. 


Woollard’s crashing like a cascade 

in red blood rain –reverse the long decline 

towards what J. S. Mill called 

the tyranny of the majority

the right to peaceful protest is a precious one! indeed

who whispered short-lived, very swiftly repented

the lives of those he loved jeopardised a spark 

and injured the thin walls 

the complex, breaking furniture and windows

and outnumbered the right of peaceful protest is a precious one

and as you dry out in the rain, 

the cascade and its motorcade 

in the tiny pip the idyll of freezing mud

is six silhouetted storied separations 


Most important of all. 

People feel better about being British. 

A singular success. 


we lay delightfully still 

its video footage was played with a view to causing 

a gap in the crowd below spectrally 

Ed Woollard’s 

to kneel painfully 

on stone and then wipe all expression 

from your face 


So that the viewer would read suppressed or inner pain 

the same shots again and again,

hoping the right of peaceful protest is a precious one

Commander Bob Broadhurst 

of Trooping the Colour, a dying breed 

at the National Siege Management Gala 

I felt a suppressed inner pain 

a pickering feeling 

inside my distant mouth echoes

the feeling to keep the City open for business!

as the right of peaceful protest is a precious one

slumped in an alley outside the Stock Exchange

anarchists smashing windows and storming an 

RBS bank branch in Threadneedle Street 

quickens Woollard’s

descending cascading 

a number of missiles die in midsummer 

a little bird told me 

down a deer track, through a tough thicket of 

waist-high ferns that we had discovered 

–a precious peaceful protest 

a clearing of sweetly scented camomile

 Scrupulously controlling 

for as many variables as possible, 

a research team found that individuals 

who complained about their health 

were three times more likely to die in the next 30 years

– especially at night, 

when you can’t see 

hypertrophied apartment blocks 

you find that rolling feeling 

that occasionally sublime effect 

waiting on each little unit 

in the light to be yours alone 

and forever not Equity Sharing.

broken people replaced by 

inside of the Head of Disputes 

tacked on at random metal extrusions

they serve some sort of screening purpose 

over dust suppressant monitor stations

a hate bubble tangles up 

roof garden, a café, a crèche, 

a ‘breakout room’ the future, no 

we need to start making things again’ 

it was just about this time, 

& I was walking with some friends ; 

it was exceedingly warm, we decided to bathe, 

a weakness came over me & I sank to the bottom

everything around us was bursting with life

pheasant cocks scurrying through the undergrowth

resin dripping indecently from clefts of the evergreens 

representing brightness itself 

like everything denied to us 

flowing through our hands  

a gene breakdown in my cenotaph 

benzene under frosted light

the petrochemical sheen of feathers

in definite areas 

Speak to me in constricted gardens

on what is great in broken eating 

pathogens soul at home with just enough hope 

that glow filled blood on moonbeams is yours,

so I bend plea-filled & prowl bedside

like a dry-eyed squaddie in prair

a harmless life degenerates to enough strife 

to fill a G4S Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

means something else here 

open the letterbox

drainpiped with ghosts

hurts there they’ve secreted carpet 

bedside again

threaten to burn the house down

and kill to cry dog 

and make in some persons 

to message again with fresh threats

fall into vermin traps

removed his shoulder number 

covered the bottom of his face with his balaclava

weeping at the most unexpected things

Ed Woollard’s spectrally 


be hurt Human kindness. Human vulnerability

ringpulls lost pennies gentle patiences – 


Officer pushed him. 

He went forward. 

Thought he had hit his head. 

Expected blood. 

beneath the surface 

of the skin or dead tissue 

above the surface

hair is an attribute and part of the human body

it breaks and into an arrangement of feathers 

in definite areas as wilted light is halted 

as placarded or weaponised 

hangs from the DPP 


a cruel vector of birchen pens 

a redoubtable wielding roflcopter

of justice drugged on right of peaceful protest 

is a precious one in the courtyard apex is 

tribunal extinguisher hangs the CPS 

i know where every phone is  

to give way to non-priority 


to give way to woolards crashing 

sing to taskforce sunk in 

earglow or burnt out commercial leases

the category of a weapon elegised to class 

a pricket gathering at the base 

of emergency situations bloodless and maliciously cut, 

broken apart or damaged 

the whole or any of this 

wheresoever the same may be growing, 

the injury done being to the amount 

then raised 

I leaned against, looked in

with or without whipping Ed 

Woollard’s crashing like a cascade 

on a surface of locked feet 

in low fidelity 

choking out the right of peaceful protest 

is a precious one.