Wednesday 25 January 2023

‘Everybody has tears in their eyes but does not mind them probably does not even know they are there.’25/01/23 (draft)


Inside are diminished stairs to anti-finger traps

a place for no-one cill jambhead the cyanosis of The Wall 

illegible to northerners Eddie Stobarts Class Alliance,

voided in 72 habitable floors

managing a depressed apex 

by guises a number of design objectives

based on 

the stated aims of TMO & Client aspirations

as Hidden Homes in ginnels in ennogs in snickets

culled from public amenities

fleet fobs out a battleground lost

& the skies spark & die with zephyrs

as city interns burn the magic roundabout twice

vaults all life to the ginger group, The League of Empire Loyalists 

as it dissolved or merged on a Rheinzink hollowed blood vessels 

to the British Standard the empty shore

 made the sky fall under spruce buds

between fingers picked by vote 

whose dead hole now leads in-itching

flaked white skin to prevent roosting

flashes of British Gypsum on teethwet brogues. 

Warfares. Bricklayers. Investors. Antecedents  

again &again a dodo skeleton in a recruitment waiting room

That most elusive of creatures. 

A right-of-centre millennial breaks over 

a Non-virtue signaller. 

Zero snowflake credentials. 

English Identitarian.

Courier webs a softer treatment trackiebums in fens 

wiping off at the walls diadem floodlights lies outside

the White cliffs over Dover, and you fix it.

There are perks in chains of lead 

around flight can you feel it

is called for a steel pergola 

the height of the crown is reduced 

living the alpha city

a corral of networks 

freezing a six-rink grass bowling green

to a virtued mansard roof, shiny trespa shards sink in

to me now huddled in stamens scriven cold

the spithaw berries get glued to rags

with cultivar traits were narrowed

keyholed like credentials whispered on pink slips

 the professional managerial class goes down again

to high heavens where the social pathology

of a greasy pole gets delivered time-sensitive

working papers filled in the mouths of

transmitted deprivation made within artificial hellcaps

wrungtrotted on nopay 

piss under no boss in Jack of Plate toxing bed,

or stiffen in chartered hails

to eat Chartwells Free School Meals milligram by milligram 

its austerity five-pointed fingerdust. 

Characterless Thought Leaders amygdala hijacked,,

a raging quiver? do you bleed in line

w/ chainmailed Complaints & Corrections

in the morning emulsified under sunglass 

to kissed a curve of thoraces melting plastics, cups 

right where you use to live

you know this by ushers in crisis our starbursts 

reflect non-permanent futures a crown of tapered pilasters

ringed perforating freestanding beams  

a crony parvenu crawls out of each in melamine 

Yellow plaintive 5 year chembinge forced

to inject the stated aims  

the quiet part of PAYE

& there are perks in chains of lead 

around flight can you feel it.

 'we only need to be lucky once' 

image macro infields a profound caesura in my heart came too late 

mimics the mires unchanging personnel of this class

war sicked to be lucky always from the cutting instrument.

  for every whispered word a body lies

in a boules pitch in cages in stables

in tennis courts and underground swimming pools

sky gardens, viewing platforms the Public London Charter

for the users, owners and managers of public spaces

debug my linked mangle, light hoisted & 

by tackling the root ,,the user 

crashes in its missing features, (land ownership)

& slips into cipher docs (private rent)

like a gateway built into a program sealed

the city wall is hell, as if in a mould;

the late 90s step down the early 00s step up 

blooded pails chortled on crosswinds through a dull thud 

of a narwhal tusks. 

Remembering and moving forward, 

where the lid or stopper gulf turns grey-silver 

like chainlinked around chrome 

a superstition is nothing but belief 

shined upon itself 

in five stages of grief

erupting a face through languid song

in the City of London 

Good over Evil, 

Life over Death 

depopulated centres enterprise children 2.0, 

& God is here on little screens above the concourse, 

Sky News Broadcasts under eries of blood ;from terror, 

from the horrible little white hankies

behind me, in the open, without cover, 

I had turned back 

waving gaggled a necklace of glass 

beads down it burrows a pros & cons 

to see the freezing of my blood 

closer to sunlight headbangers solidifying architecture 

& then arachinards images culled from silver 

poisoned breath a white man turns blue 

against a soft rein of interns and the currents of light 

under mastice verdant solution bash against my eyes. Resident profiles.  

Cut out in the sky.  

Aperfect sprangle in braced glass. 

Office blood in enfilade black steel laws. 

We have everything to live for 

walkway stretches its sick building syndrome.  

The terms@conditions break skived

to petaling into jagged stripes.  

Business Relief Rates 

in Metropolitan Landscrapes. 

Pulls away through my drearied heart 

& from the skies to Mountain View HQ 

closer to sunlight that was never built 

but dug from hills there is no fog 

but pruding security solutions 

 loud as glass 

over the furrowed glebe

blood silent & frozen out a future data centre wire needle clanks below the face 

failed past the black fence lies a green expanse on a putative building site 

its green topiary gardens barcoded façades 

a habitat, a feeling the world is one magnificent shop. 

Everything is here under

Section 106 Agreement

its manacle slithers always to that or die,

your face through future hybridisation 


as real live bombs with chain effects

its laissez-faire

& on the scale of care the password its stampcall

& this information is most important

but does not reflect the actual duration of protection 

or approval to the untruth of tearing. ON. & out as wire needle clanks installed Microsoft Teams, Chat 

& videoconferencing, file storage application integration a life

to trig point etheric 

the floor which is the place force breaks onto

 a state of Blessedness commensurate,,

public consultations 

the company's official position 

& everyday nerve colonnades turn to prigs 

break off or within the dull winds a feeling

might unpin there in the mid-distance 

on small infill sites.  

You are now part of the post-boom years 

on a hill near a farm in Wimpstone, Warwickshire.

Teletubbyland & artificial hillocks are flooded with blood

to make a coin tower made up of six billion 

penny pieces is starred out in a tiara 

on the head of this fabulous city

 A fist closes to work 

esprit de corps 

this is mission critical

& the rewards system tangle up 

inside a head, strike out in nonverbal cues 

as teeth which hang-up in gurgles

slither out from, beneath or down 

or to shut through crawling 

envelopes walls & the notyetwindows 

are fingers, that nail you

from a brow of this worksong firmament

and the moon of metal, silvered reversed 

inside Veolia bin lures 

our said stolen madrigals brigged like blockades 

you love what you do 

remembering the floors 

have absolutely no cracks at all 

but a sinkhole increase daily

the touching pass 

under mercury vapour light 

greenish white 

the Central Management Office 

you go in atm’s come out 

like arachinards from silver poisoned breath A Brief Job Stress Questionnaire 

over fingers rubbing skin as a retreat 

& as if to hash for life itself. 

& of no hope your body

as a sickness presence continually failing 

to turned so as

this variable is explained in the Results Section:

‘Arrows with solid lines represent 

statistically significant paths, 

and broken lines to show 

nonsignificant paths.’

Server clangs by crook’d bridle tubing

; my heart undoes the nap-pods inside accelerates in the dark areas 

bloodfiled fingertips the scattergraphs biffs to company flag is bust

a stranded call,, a glue thin eternity where lugfails v-shaped

birdsong stilled inside steel mullions

that become suddenly blinding.