Wednesday 14 December 2022

Your House is on Fire (Part One) (draft/unfinished)


Your House is on Fire

Longphorts, raids 

hear Granny talk about Clonfin Ambush

the arrival of the first Civic Guards, her father 

19 men 2 lorries, reinforcements-150 men

14 lorries arrive later British Forces burned 

inside glass houses taciturn tomatoes 

blossoming endrot, ‘do you water apple trees?’ 

when the fruits start to swell 

‘Madame, you are not allowed in this Safeway, 

the next Safeway is in on Honeypot Lane,’ and 

would laugh and walk away, take a train take a bus 

skyless agenda under cloudless winter 

jackets, the Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist 

asymmetric warfare The Hay Wain in a broken

gilded frame, but Catholic hostility to the British 

‘Lady, barred from Tesco.’ spider hatchery

as spiderlings do, in this case dispersing as far 

as the bookcase to house raids, checkpoints, patrols

150ml Coca-Cola cans stacked in blockades 

Granny, behind the glassdoor 

the weight of the body mainly on the fingers

feet back, causing them to stand on their toes

one of the 'five techniques'

Mick PADDY O Green Bastard-why is your hair grey. 

Leave the Strand and Piccadilly

Or you'll be to blame, like rabbits O

n glas, Éire when will you come back?

its garden parlour 

running away just to be caught again 

or truancy: “Once I ran to you, 

now I’ll run from you”,

rose gardens behind closed door 

you would play Cliff Richards 

on lawnchairs and laugh at thin-armed 

dedicated Englishman, your continuous 

hissing noise as an Audi a4 Quattro 

Clutch Replacement 

your new address is 23 Roberts Close, 

EN6 2DH you now own a maroon coloured fireplace 

where Greco-Roman would take place, 

you now own the immediate front room 

the garden candytuft tiles 

in yellow lake deep and 

meaningfully continue 

you now own a history, etc. Missing in Care

a conservatory in a catchment area 

a cul-de-sac of search and destroys 

behind bins the HM Land Registry. 

I will come back for 150 ml of Coca-Cola 

and laying on

the damp grey red dogtooth carpet tiles 

that you now own own 

drive chain freed 

so mighty that the human sphere is

threatened to be devoured 

to be eaten within its own domicile 

the pine tree since cutdown 

replaced with Bairstoweves For Sale

like ladybugs Mary Our Lady 

her seven joys and her seven sorrows

fly away home 

your house is on fire

and your children are gone. 

Lilly casper, friendly ghosted 

ask what is a mother? ing

instantly move or quickly die 

in silver hay, in Woolworths 

creeping under the warming pan 

elf-eared and unforgotten. 

your house is on fire

your bones are somewhere else 

near a carpark where Who Wants to

Be a Millionaire? would stretch in 

banal panoramic vista 

Elstree Studios,

Clockwork Oranges

Durango 95 coming down the lane

stopping outside HOME 

was in Brickettt Wood 

running from the Munden 

House to School Lane, was the 

Police Landrover/ ‘Trough Beating’ scene

would remind you of suffering

of the particular intensity 

and cruelty implied by the word torture 

in the Name of the Father, 

Gardaí the guard your father 

the one who pushed you out of home

told you to go to a nunnery. 

Made with kid, sometimes mutton

to our chests suffering of that particular 

intensity and cruelty 

by the word. Mutter

ing, mother all the way down the banisters.

here lies the conscious choosing 

marks the watershed between 

the non-violent way of being 

‘repeat the mantra’

to not die in your own sons 

vacant bedroom, whilst your estranged 

English husband feins 

unreasonable doubt like not a crack

in the door to amount to a tendered

care for years of 

ing, muttered inside itself for what of 

now petaling into jagged metal stripes

Our Lady Mick Paddy Bastard Dead

with an exploded gullet 

of sicked

up grief, held constricted around

washing lines. February 17th

lay around to die further still

a muscular tube amounted to a practice of inhuman 

and degrading treatment,

as it might in a city I carry 

constructive ambiguity 

like a Good Friday agreement

the Iveco Ford Cargo, 

from Langley Marish in England

to a table the 'five techniques' 

will not in any circumstances 

be reintroduced as an aid to interrogation.

They said 

you likely suffered or struggled, 

a sudden increase in intraluminal pressures, 

due to violent vomiting or retching

tears in emergency delayed treatment was

an Englishman downstairs 

listening to you likely dying. 

Art Forms 

in Nature, lithographic prints. 

Descriptions of the property are subjective 

and are used in good faith 

as an opinion and NOT as a statement of fact. 

Become very cunning under this moonlight 

in the romantic walled garden, 

its mahogany bannister original dado 

paneling telling me 

in emergency delayed treatment was

just died, she simply just died

15, 19, 23 bottles everyone does it

in a cupboard made of twine

at least in the dignity of her own

like morning 

papered over to a sunglow of outside 

in the dignity’ of your house on fire.