Sunday 6 November 2022

4.11.22 (draft/unfinished)


Ed Woollard’s crashing like a cascade 

in red blood rain – this type requires specialist disposal

this type can be dispensed into a sewage drain 

(not rainwater drain)

this type can be dispersed into the air 

this type can be poured into your neck

and become an example made by Geoffrey Rivlin QC 

the right to peaceful protest is a precious one! indeed

who whispered short-lived very swiftly repented

the lives of those he loved jeopardised a spark 

and injured the thin walls 

the complex broken furniture and windows

and outnumbered the right of peaceful protest is a precious one

and as you dry out in the rain, 

the cascade and its motorcade 

in the tiny pip the idyll of freezing mud

in six silhouetted storied separations 

we lay delightfully still in our thousands upward

What is a child infirmary guild? 

Answer: a loud scree

a feral wandering out the imploded evil box 

its video footage was played with a view to causing 

a gap in the crowd below spectrally 

be hurt Ed Woollard's 

to kneel painfully 

on stone and then wipe all expression 

from your face

so that the viewer would read suppressed or inner pain 

the same shots again and again,

hoping the right of peaceful protest is a precious one

Commander Bob Broadhurst 

of Trooping the Colour, a dying breed 

at the National Siege Management Gala 

I felt a suppressed or some inner pain 

of unlawful killing, a pickering feeling even

inside my chiding distant ambling mouth 

to keep the City open for business

as the right of peaceful protest is a precious one!

slumped in an alley outside the Stock Exchange

anarchists smashing windows and storming an 

RBS bank branch in Threadneedle Street 

–expect ‘a knock on the door’ in future tense

as it expediates Woollard’s

descending cascading 

a number of missiles die

thrown a little bird told me 

down a deer track, through a tough thicket of 

waist-high ferns that we had discovered 

–a precious peaceful protest 

a clearing of sweetly scented camomile 

everything around us bursting with life

pheasant cocks scurrying through undergrowth

resin dripping indecently from clefts of evergreens 

representing brightness itself 

like everything denied to us 

flowing through our heads, our hands  

a gene breakdown 

in my cenotaph swingeing benzene 

under frosting light the petrochemical sheen 

of feathers in definite areas 

removed his shoulder number 

covered the bottom of his face with his balaclava

weeping at the most unexpected things

Ed Woollard’s spectrally 

be hurt Human kindness. Human vulnerability

ringpulls lost pennies gentle patience – 

Officer pushed him. 

He went forward. 

Thought he had hit his head. 

Expected blood. 

beneath the surface 

of the skin or dead tissue 

above the surface

hair is an attribute and part of the human body

it breaks and into an arrangement of feathers 

in definite areas as wilted light is halted 

or placarded weaponised from the DPP

a cruel vector of birchen pens 

a redoubtable wielding roflcopter

strings of justice 

drugged on right of peaceful protest 

is a precious one in the courtyard apex 

a tribunal extinguisher inverts the CPS 

i know where every phone is  

to give way to non-priority 

subjects sing to taskforce sunk in 

earglow or burnt out commercial leases

the category of a weapon elegised to class 

a pricket gathering at the base 

of emergency situations bloodless 

and maliciously cut, 

broken apart or damaged 

the whole or any of this 

wheresoever the same may be growing, 

the injury done being to the amount 

then raised until they bled 

trampled pavements 

I leaned against, looked in

with or without whipping Ed 

Woollard’s crashing like a cascade 

on a surface of locked feet in low fidelity 

and kind pity 

choking out the right of peaceful protest 

is a precious one.