Monday 3 October 2022

Ah, beautiful sky (draft)


Ah, beautiful sky, 

broken people replaced by 

Clubs everyone stands outside 

TFL semi-public toilets 

real time escapes 

you in steel mullions

that become suddenly blinding

bloodless and inside 

sadistic rate caps spilled 

up beyond you

your unsolicited 

emotional financial advice 

your Colonel as a father. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

in this country is a village 

its green topiary gardens 

its barcode façades

a habitat of bats & birds

the world is one magnificent

shop everything is here 

section 106 agreement

your face now fallen through 

a future hybridisation 

of 0s numbed encircle you 

as real live bombs with chain effects

its laissez-faire bonfire creation. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

in business parks the future, no

‘we need to start making things again’

flooding synthetic turfs with blood

a coin tower made up of six billion 

penny pieces starred out in a tiara 

on the head of this 

fabulous city, the inner sanctum 

of a great parasite itself

all forms & images 

in the world can be revoked

remembering your childhood. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

in a regional accent 

I stand in line forever 

& have been doing so red nosed 

in Church Of England prayerbook, 

I don’t care I’ll do it forever 

kissing tight for myself entirely, 

to my bursting heart my head of state 

it's why I attended Army Command

& Staff College in Camberley

& NATO Defense College 

for my country I’m finishing 

my last stint as Chief of Staff. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

of Forces Pension Society 

I came all the way from Ringwood, near

Bagnam Forest Corner 

with my 16 air assault brigade 

I drive a large Trojan armouring engineering vehicle 

– it looks like a giant metal lobster 

I fucking love it on Propser Keating 

with my adjutant10 para,

my signaller Masher,

a kindred flame 

I said promise that

if I die before you. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

I would come & tell you, 

I love my country 

& I sank to the bottom of it once

but you were there, my tenderest 

exurban Daily Mail reader

a lovebite that continues 

in therapeutic eurythmy

inwardly to the most sunlight 

concrete maisonettes break up 

into nothing that was never built 

inside of the head of disputes. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

tacked on at random metal extrusions

they serve some sort of screening purpose 

Metropolitan District Councils

over dust suppressant monitor stations

a hate bubble tangles up 

roof garden, a café, a crèche, 

a ‘breakout room’ the future, no 

‘we need to start making things again’ 

It was just about this time, 

& I was walking with some friends ; 

it was exceedingly warm, we decided to bathe, 

a weakness came over me & I sank to the bottom.

Ah, beautiful sky, 

Infographic tool 

is a culture of excuses 

por out manned of & by guises 

diminished working possibility  

where the ethic claps 

a star cut out across the country 

nationwide reeling or creeling 

the quiet part of PAYE

a day of misers lit by candles 

the best in the world 

there are perks in chains of lead 

around flight can you feel it. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

the poorest hee elizabeth windsor 

become this diseased square, 

new old world or long decades 

that sound money echoes 

on terraces on portland stone 

of wishing bed reminders sporn 

or could be here in mottled parts 

 left unburied ringing 

viscous clouds the alpha city 

is a corral of networks 

freezing a six-rink grass bowling green

a virtued mansard roof. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

open outcry method curls 

to the hymn of dogmas 

pit arb eats sacrament  

& spoiled lands lay manifesting 

by twitching finger binary 

this cultus of proportions are medicines

like cruel paste trespassing 

shiny trespa shards

reuptake inhibits a secret rite like grimoires 

& so I go again, conjuration on charms

under eries of blood ;from terror, 

from the horrible. 

Ah, beautiful sky, 

by the power of horror

divided a cross I don’t know

whether the earth is spinning or not

city wall is hell, as if in a mould;

it is like the lid or stopper of gulf

breaks inside pulling bitter sap

in my mouth gilded fluid 

globules of light where

all forms & images 

in the world can be revoked

in the centre  

is a roseblossom.

Ah, beautiful sky, 

subprime alphahoods crimp 

poisonous herbs stryges dig up

100 cubic metres of earth

had tunnels & caverns under 

a live-work space 

happy music on the magic roundabout

itself a luminous body of 

silicone & polyol resin

turned by currents of light 

a neurotically 

protected citadel 

of the undead.

Ah, beautiful sky, 

fossilised domestic history 

dwelling high as uninhabitable 

zoned backward laissez-faire it's bonfire

and creation currents of light 

resident profiles cut out in the sky 

a perfect sprangle in braced glass

of the city, single-class people 

walk around enclaves depopulated 

autonomous centre grows 

enterprise fused children, 

& god is here on little screens above 

the concourse, sky news broadcasts. 


Ah, beautiful sky, 

a perpetual loop of Dark Justice 

bullet proof vests, grow concrete 

under mastice verdant solution

New to HQ Mountain View

closer to sunlight you can see

the terms @ conditions are

headbangers solidifying 

Quango architecture

that make statistics crook’d 

in bridle tubing; my heart undoes 

nap-pods in the dark 

sick lamplights are glen perishing eyelashes.