Thursday 8 September 2022

Crying onions looking at Art (draft/unfinished)

 For Adam

Little miners riding starfish 

are skinned to moonlight 

both filipino both Irish 

and warm pieces fall out 

tolerances in our silhouettes 

said to be turning

but you want to see them fawning 

boiling grass painted garden butterflies 

as the velcro sticks to decommissioned 

postmans jackets, paradigm

just enough so it could be barely anything else

and the history of work 

is in my mouth from leftovers 

beautiful hegelian friends levitating 

imbalances just hope that glow filled 

blood on moonbeams is yours,

and yours alone

so bend plea-filled

& prowl bedside

the pleb seedling

in my mouth is from leftovers

the history of work 

you cannot see the other side of 

a resume curriculum vitae

folded artificial hillocks

between coal drops yard

and waitrose leads blind effigies

to burning soufflés