Sunday 14 August 2022

CBUS (draft)


In buckeyed plain 

endowment the O patio 

is on fire in this nether Hell

where unbar planar edge 

baselines from shrum mound to steel gavel 

the largest in the world, supposedly

underlaw light edges schism 

and I burn quickly its irish blood 

having trespassed the crag 

come unto a doleful of goldenrods 

i’ve never seen black eyed susans 

rusting on sharp tool river beds,

persimmon to ear stealing garden chairs 

god knows my best slacks are in bin bags 

and the winters belting frost 

to stiffen inside cardboard box houses 

the unbake of bellwether floors 

low and scrawling in dirty dungarees 

black iced octogenarians 

outside Giant Eagle

and no amount of endless lawns

give primacy to death 

over song sparrows.

Trail cams of hazed children 

in Air Conditioned Nightmare Caves 

found bound and muffled

with Clorox hands and feet

tin mound ditches 

just to watch who snuffs it 

without permit 

of constitutional qualified adult 

get a chase on the boarderline clubfooted

scent in open fields 

kids sing 4 points 

to the state of exception 

see how they fall 


Lee J. Cobb flag 

Mandalay Bay Highway to Hell 

walk backwards ipseity in pip sight 

of mineness my empty room 

is gorging minimal self 

heres a cosy for your hand 

in the pulpit toxin juice 

laguna beach lawning starres

and rising thirst, pourer Phil 

everytime i ring we are poorer still

making guacamole 

in the graveyard tilth