Monday 25 July 2022


Set New Cross
11/07 - 16/07

The public realm areas of the undercroft & service yard will be transformed as part of these proposals as wrenching ammonia, tar & benzene the wholesome air suffers a thorax simmers at home. A new ceiling & lighting system will brighten the space & conceal the numerous pipes & cables mounted to the soffit burning of nausea & itching tears. The garage doors will be replaced with glazed shopfronts for the new offices. The existing louvers in the opposite south facing wall will be fastened
shut & forever. The Bins area will be screened & new paving to the shared surface will extend up to the entrance.

Powdercoated aluminium windows are proposed as replacements for the existing. The larger panel is a tilt & turn window which is the default means of ventilation, it will be restricted to a narrow opening in normal use. A slither is always that or die, always red to gush catalyst anomie raided world elopes not to be mangled but. as a last resort spectral failing radiant social pathology. The Transmitted Deprivation Research Programme.

A zinc composite rainscreen cladding is proposed to the upper levels. Zinc has the advantage of being a self-finished natural material that will not corrode or weather as a coated finish eventually would. It offers a clean appearance, crisp detailing at joints & an attractive dull lustre. It is not sufficiently robust to use at low level so a combination of dark brick & new high quality concrete facings the slogs of your necktie; They kill inside & never deliver full restitution. The meeting ended.

Excerpt from CC: Death Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Photos Luc Schol