Friday 20 May 2022



Vet four-finger handcuffs 

we live out pissed communiqués 

too shrewd for doctrine

or empanelments of justice 

fingersnap Sir Cop & Cross-Party 

QC all the violent deeds glow under liquid 

& flow down a throng of orderlies

cardcarry whose polity revolves 

around dotted capon nationalism

& barons carve-up Ossulston Estate,

read it in the Irish Post & perambulate

from Barbados to Brazil 

reading Karl Marx all day 

under a tree dilate & bury 

mud rose red notes a face,

wilted orchids a box of tissues 

& taste 5000 marks 

for the crown across the spillway,

feather history to perforated stone

government policy norman yoke 

cut red tape halve the bill

to rex his mouth shilled out 

gangways the job pissed town 

is yours in a sports bag.

To the soul in Paracetamol & gin

evening nights penned flares Kropotkin 

ie. fundless strange animal 

exploding firebox hurt 

my cacodylic eye go back 

behind a rust packet,

talk a way into this suffering city 

make scalding light    

crannies over London croustade

block Druid mouth 

whipped low by brashes, 

on ancient service long horn 

stand on bought flowers

20mg on Charlton Street 

behind the gates on kerbside 

stamp urine rivulets for fun

1240 go blind run amongst

lost nattered walls

et mon droit on all the earth 

the British people voted, they voted 

l'accumulateur de mon coeur

they voted to be free quarterly by heart 

one good fact to cut a hole &shit apart.  

& Die Hard in broken indices

forlorn pale white ash 

as cities high emotion beta portfolios 

fly over absent from midnights,  

mound or hill militating 

all the way round 

poesie stiffs in starflowered halls 

class collaborating

phouka in fern trees all the glistening bottles 

in lay-bys I love&love forever & ever

pillboxed mob you justly explode 

the Home Counties are your equinox 

softly quiet where beyond my head 

& all my life