Thursday 28 October 2021

2. Family Office Club-#1 Largest Family Office Association & Ultra-Wealthy Wealth Management DRAFT ii


Michael Richard Weatherley now dead

 5 years ago, on the day of… , in the county of……, 

maliciously damaged an oak tree there growing 

knocked the maximum sentence or 

cordoned scrap my die-sinker I say sorry

you revel in & say imbibe the venal breads 

imbibe the plans are ready 

& imbibing the builders fingers ITCH deathcharts 

on a Sirius rising to a wretched polymer 

solemn oath price phthalates 

as it foils ur cavity barrier &&

crowns a civis of pulped Celotex.


Paradice Kingspan lawfully by finger blocks 

grille to purge pavements in yr hidden walls are

 [illegible] [illegible] who recorded sentence of death  

wrong in the first instance, & now they thought to benefit by their own wrong:

calling upon the House to screen them from the consequences

of their late violations of the law, merely, as they stated,

because they had been protected from such consequences before!

on a narrow purge panel opens inward 

allow rapid ventilation 

—whether or not the persons were subject to ill treatment—

O within Planning policy targets as coloured opaque glass

from the inside plagued by pigeons 

finger blocks window strips

 lord lord the bottom line is the bottom line profits!prostrate beneath everything AT ONCE;

make us regret the day that ever doomed us to dreadful shrieks

& horrid cries, but dare not come out. 

make Notting Hill Genesis happy

I am Dear Sir

Most truly Yours

Gentlemen engorging this principal client fund DV4


A snapped up sub tenure in a skyline of cutpurses inferior crimes,

& THE JUDGES thought a letter dropped a FF175BP fridge-freezer

that nothg can be granted on winter oranges swilling blood snaps

a pawnbrokers bough  Peter John, O.B.E J.C.B affordable rent over the road

& so we must work closely with local enforcement authorities  

& the glass in my eye hurts, like full of sand. 

Splinters. Webs. 

Well trained insects. 

We crawl away, towards the hall, & lay still.

The canopy has suffered from impact damage from objects

being anti - socially dropped from above.


Tsk tsk tsk Get Living Now 

were made, of the building, their fire rubber truncheons 

Was narrow.  Just around our heads.

flat on your belly.  Up the stairs

‘You must phone the Army, to have them

repair the window, tell them that I am not

doing anything! . . . 

‘Did you hear the Army radio ?’

Mumbles unconnected things.  Looks

me in the face as if he didn't recognize me.

Keeps clicking away,  stops,  looks around with

a blank expression of te r r o r & the light in which I now stand a ‘crown’ of tapered pilasters

& a ring of perforated Ritblats to eclipse the Father 

& very soon a need will set you all on Fire

& you Promess that need itseff will send them too Hell & Hall ove you too 

& if you don't thay will send me word in the course ove of day

turn my hair in for your charitable interference militia 

&c &c &c

Family Office Club-#1 Largest Family Office Association

& Ultra-Wealthy Wealth Management


so I returned, &considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun; &behold the tears of such as were oppressed, &they had no comforter; &on the side of their oppressors there was power, but they had no comforter.

stretchformed &decambered 

small pieces of bone  BLEEDING 


The public realm areas of the undercroft

&service yard will be transformed as part of these proposals.

A new ceiling &lighting system will brighten the space

& conceal the numerous pipes & cables mounted to the soffit.

The garage doors will be replaced with glazed shopfronts for the new offices.

The existing louvers in the opposite south facing wall


The Bins area will be screened & new paving to the shared surface

will extend up to the entrance

A zinc composite rainscreen cladding is proposed to the upper levels.

Zinc has the advantage of being a self-finished natural material

that will not corrode or weather as a coated finish eventually would.

It offers a clean appearance, crisp detailing at joints & an attractive dull lustre.

It is not sufficiently robust to use at low level

so a combination of dark brick & new high quality concrete facings

for Jamie Ritbalt end the decidability of some numbers

clear some mouths of words

seal life on needless pins in footholds

light itself greyed twice

the slogs of your necktie beat inwards to you

'life' is sick, retreat in cinquefoil rusticum jus 

steadily worse I close up inside 

where life’s hasp flares out of anguished

indictments & talk of encroachment

beat myself inside a botched rebel twixt 


I remain dear Sir

Ever yours faithfully