Monday 30 August 2021







 Is love for you at work 

of stagnating &falling dead 

of jottings or upheavals believe 

our memories of 2010 clang on louse vapour,

&falling dead show how far behind 

digits in the pay stub survive 

as memos etched & twined 

spine clanks a topography of grafts

burrowed inside the War of Jennifer's ear 

release some daylight is a bloodworm glue fallen 

& ill again sound as death 

expired nozzle to number tight 

O rind to go with imperative plight 

there are hidden expectations 

 suspended harpsichords inside 

        a restructure broken registrar begins to move 

in centimetres divided to rumple thorns 

over knuckle out under 

the whole person at work 

blood scaled in revolt dearest dear embrasure  

service user here lays the secretariat 

repeated lays to never 

lays on the other 

lays a defunct worker nonperforming 

lays entering through this  

lays again but not around 

lays once more finds

sanctions commenced a cut to a hole dead 

O menials at tort scion of laying 

 &hiding but laying &not 

secreting but laying out prone like 

i was dead i was not but laying 


to £0 a living cut to move all cuts

along in my pay clanks 

a steady escarpment     

grating in the eyebrow   

a blow below inflection

having been deleted as well

look up or below to wires or pipes & 

air vents in a strange tight maze you are not in remembering  

of narrowing ways, 

 exit strategies migrate fastening in the reality of non-disclosure remembering mirrors are good

for what to send back their own energy

 at end of a pay spine as it downturns 

unwaveringly the Industrious Pilgrim

without which an exposition but this is not so  

you might have felt happy 

again without bargain remembering 

to find the grain is full of no bliss at all

& the garrottes pith from shading together, 

working mouths unchained  

in recent shadow staithes eat to 

begin to move again

& for what that is worth which, together 

with no increment remembering 

from caw to open caw retain 

epigrams inside scratched &made unmade 

again & of that very (e.g. human) warmth 

you have lost at  &our memorandums 

etch & twist withered 

 for those the enemy of a pay spin incentive 

ungiven under & then another      

of other stolen hours remembering 

I. I Have Always Worked Hard 

Baron Cruddas, Raab et al in erased light 

a value system downed a life code 

the simplest alkene of a colourless gas you breathe

singed of & in spirited earldoms received to sightseeing 

or chainlinked to tear-jerkers in a job sickness haze 

over cupronickel water bridges 

a skyline of cutpurses snapped in subtenure 

down rockery on pink gravel 

you blown with the ponte giardino 

to cut inside myself wide

a hole a fiscal broke upon the skin a narwhal 

on a bridge &down with our enemies 

in thunderclouds may

awaken us to opting out of 

the Working Time Regulations 1998

blind by curled cinch 

stick inside a hole the workday 


& music of our spontaneous promotions 

& read from the book of Winchester aloud

& asked what is a hide? 

  1. a type of peasant? 

  2. a shelter?

 (c) a measurement of land? 

or a place you cannot be seen? 

O the universal system of pauperism 

hurled forward present now today

take panacea for soliloquy to squeezed plughole 

a spy gash remembering over which itself hangs you  

forgotten over tea lights erased& 

it is your life in a One Nation Britain 

deal with it & starve on parricided food 

in money bags is really existing satire

or to hear the nearness of muted persons yours sincerely 

like a raging quiver like a stranger asking 

what is hopeless work? 

 is someone who continues to believe in work

usually fantasising about work, giving a lot of energy 

to pursuits & to have a deep desire for its partnership 

continued or otherwise its hopelessness 

dead to the very last relic of a 

every last Evening Standard reader 

shrink-wrapped to a rain curtain of pinnace 

over-wrought another battleground lost you said 

lost to what again a thorax over parish so long fed

as capitals blood must fill the pit 

if the shades of the departed are to appear 

at its edge a sideline of plumy chest red faces 

my spy gash on lunatic verge O bends up 

as a natural reverb from this

as to work dangles above me again

to this faceless void I have seen how this war ends 

from a place beyond time, 

&time beyond counting 

foreseen is forearmed at arms letters length sunk

my face out of mana not enough 

to call a response body a bloodless pinch 

a hairpin minimal mostly limited to emails 

a pin header in an application success 

to cover the cost of a Prescription Prepayment Certificate

to reduce your ongoing prescription costs 

to a union of lanyards wrapped knotting 

of its own actual antinomies a real living life 

gorged of you crannied inside a sanction 

& you a Workforce Reporting Manager

previously Employee Relations Adviser 

previously Recruitment & Operations Adviser,

whilst completing your magister scientiae 

in Human Resource Management 

worked as a Rewards & Systems Manager 

wherein you produced salary models 

forecasted & made recommendations 

based on organisational performances & external trends 

enabled senior management to conduct staff pay reviews 

with the provision to implement agreed salary reviews 

by instructing Payroll, of this & subsequently by you 

a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth 

in the continual exercise of spinning straw to gold, 

to finding redress for the harmed 

that underneath that lies straw of damaged lives 

banded &to me that I am conditionally so 

& I have followed your link to the Optum Health Service Innovation Company; engaging people in their health 

& helping manage chronic complex 

&behavioral health issues 

& all this I understand 

& accept as terminal fated proportion 

of care which will be undelivered 

when the timescale of diminishment 

of a life concentrically turning 

on the spy gash held above 

& to build a candidate pipeline previously not existing, remembering you once whispered into twitching sides 


 ‘Reporting is easy. 

The system is accessible. 

Everything is automated.’

soft haired joyless thrum of extracting pay spine 

as it clanks in a humming scathe 

to moot the vein& 

clock with a throat full 

of blooded padlocks 

that is proof enough 

it never counts feral 

under the baton rounded 

to a cost prided into a large bolus 

its texture marbled 

taking the charge of a lifetime of disposals, 

a contract for services made 

or unmade as in taken away from what was never there 

in the first place, not actually existing 

plucked a pay spine that chokes the sky

& crosses it through 

to an uptake floating scale a matured chime 

of the latest latter terminal 

after ensuing a voice sealed in a ringed outcry 

where no jobs run amok

over the proud varicose 

vein fat on sun-loungers, 

to watch the juvenile record lash out 

now to watch the choppy sink in badlands 

the saturnalia so eat the chicken wings 

gilded in a better hour by hour desiccated 

on every evening on bending verge 

a charging map of dismal possibilities 

that come about or submerge 

with every frightful provision sought &found 

to be the code of gold plucked 

not from me alone but a drove of others 

moving stupid liquid forvever 

in the curing of sleep nerve presets 

next dear dear, a finger twangs 

a pinched person I am writing to receive 

confirmation of your email of a nerve boldness 

has left me confused & in a difficult position. 

You wrote to me of blank song 

clanks speech of speech sanction 

my sanction o work my dear trickling light 

through its own numbers right 

speech from a position of the future; 

a position of predictions, love messages & reminders 

dear dearest UK salary index 

beareth the ungrafted again 

when worms& locus 

in arms letter length 

you said deeds over proof 

does nothing for positive law 

or states of abjection in managed care

& now my large analgesic tangle bumps 

to gal fondling a life bond

to end a surfeit of lampreys 

to a sweeter tone of a bowed lyre

&I have a limited working proficiency 

as cadger to cadger move into a broken croak 

waylaid inside the UNISON Croyde Bay Resort 

bright as churr drone in very whites of isles 

cc: death chartered institute of personnel & development 

where leaves are dragged out of position gardens burnt

price phthalates a byte fanged to tine 

counts as skin a heartbeat 

of glucose burnt inside promotional work products 

as an integrated system support 

under blue incandescent light 

your frail push to remembering 

interfectus gold straw in my workplace 

the workers will say that they would prefer any extra money

to go to employing more people 

rather than to pay rises, &

a spine clanks to a private light 

that does not take care of = god sick 

after a minimum period of service 

in the company of divers domestick & wild animals

spirits symbols & willingly dwell with them 

take them home as work related 

or earned & so laws condemn propane in the streets 

& sacred breast of spirit breathed 

outside the Bank of England once

at night to scoured out derivatives 

inside walled scatological rites 

of all nations &engrams in secret matter 

concealed arms letter length

by reflexion of HR bloodworm 

a locus warmed night 

fled out the house & wounded 

into evil spirits Baron of Quia Emptores 

on close roll fathers forelocked buried as the purchasers 

O bastards, the bough 

wework for alienating land 

are sinkable & owed death 

&upon every alienation 

of all or part of oneself in 1290, 

hand to hand 2008 now your rumple thorns 

burning a HR bulletin hole fingers 

cramps payroll sickle croaks  

red-tapeworms a heart of nothing 
of my lanyard, wrapped 8pence thick