Friday 2 July 2021

DJ Boogie Knights (Special Demonstration Squad), 2021




Rob Harrison is the alias of a Special Demonstration Squad undercover officer who infiltrated a number of London left-wing / anarchist groups including State of Emergency Collective, No Borders London, Globalise Resistance, rampART and the International Solidarity Movement from 2004 to 2007.


As part of his cover, Rob presented as a DJ, using the moniker DJ Boogie Knights (or Boogieknight). As such he played numerous parties and benefit gigs for the groups he targeted. He also organised a number of these fund-raising events events. Emails from 2006 indicate that he was familiar with bands who were supportive of protest causes and had personal contacts with them, which he used to inquire about putting on benefit nights.


Rob Harrison is known to have had at least one sexual relationship while undercover, with 'Maya' (pseudonym) who he met through London ISM. Another London ISM campaigner recalled that he had 'chased' someone in their group for a relationship. Rob also mentioned that his family were really racist so he had previously had a black girlfriend to spite them, and that he liked black women in general.


Rob Harrison was one of the last undercovers deployed by the Special Demonstration Squad. His initial deployment appears to have been into Globalise Resistance. 


I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who came along and supported the joint No Borders and rampART collective gig on Saturday. I attended a meeting this evening and the feedback from the rampART crew was very supportive and positive. We did manage to make some money :) - I'll give a full break down of the costs at the next London meeting!