Monday 21 June 2021


Imagine inside banks, embassies, 

a BBC Outside Broadcast vehicle

&homes of various Conservative Members of Parliament 

imagine crushing vanes on their necks

a flag gets burnt pinned to skin 

i.e. it cannot be used as a valid name

our official Chingford Skinhead on no forgiveness 

look at frontages fissure &break up 

end the decidability of some numbers

 clear some mouths of words

seal life on needless pins in footholds

light itself greyed twice

O woe a bleeding heart 

cured hide skin bracken wide

I close up again the slogs of your necktie 

beat inwards to you

deadened our meritocracies 

as if given new life 

what is the average cost of living in the UK?

with stones wandering to &fro is junk is throwback orifice

drops bootstrap racked over coals 

picked to grow need and show

&armfuls crossed stretched wide

the white deb lace curtain 

at boreholes to my ear alone 

Neighbourhood Watch to say 'life' is sick

to retreat in cinquefoil rusticum jus 

steadily worse I close up inside 

&hide to myself facial tissues to door breaching

 a succumbed imbalance I phone the police  

IN THE PAST weeks our demons

have returned to haunt us seeing

the remainder in a cart, 

wearing nothing but a shirt

holding a torch of burning wax 

on chest weighing two pounds 

gored from Broughams 

to jobless Gambeson

live now on a dead code 

asleep in creosote 

 is the same  light falls off again 

where life’s hasp flares 

out of anguished

indictments &talk of encroachment

beat myself inside a botched rebel twixt 

hung above would never once more be me

&&&&so as I am kneeled 

Tommy muezzin Robinson soulless pale of points 

drops to hack at your body consumed 

by fires &reduced to ashes thrown to winds

that old customs died out the remaining exploding stars

it might be for us to look on 

killing as part of our own nature

Anne Marie Waters 

kiss into a stump 

within the budding grove 

of fleshes red for reds sake 

 hopeless in thrums 

&yet to accept them would be so unimaginable

 twisted through now silent

 I. I Have Always Worked Hard 

 willing &at minus 

hard on burning a backbone, Barroness Cox 

please call me Caroline

on the dawn before a mothball drops 

so unworkable that we knowingly and impotently prefer

shoestring barbed as bootstraped& racked over coals to a trickle of coded signals picked of need to grow  

dear lord I have always been a scab 

for as long as I can remember!

a backleg, a knobstick knotted to a rattlesnake

a toad &vampire combined &no it is not a bad business

to have a cork-screwed soul 

or a water-logged backbone made of jelly

& glue it fares well when saved with alms 

dancing the Carmagnole!