Wednesday 9 June 2021


An pediment inside 

your fucking head is a brig 

fraught with fevers that sensation masted  

of another's char facelessness is sacrifice! 

so put the human racecourse 

within the exclusion zone!

Earldom, whose ancestries include  

'I do not want to say any more 

thank you very much'

backhands of deboned sieve

calling them excessive 

so as to disperse the birds upstairs

on a blood revolt

Earldom, whose title-holder 

daubs backbench twine to 1611, 

King James isthmus arising out of wills

trustees and oxcart 

of prophecy rumpled on  

and I will never let it go!  

never let it fall to 

 appalling sermons of misuses  

 to turn its backbone on  

the amp of shredded use values 

 or martyrdom fault

from yr true anchorage 

this sad faction.


David ‘Spotty’ Rowland is not Jeffrey Epstein. 

But he did share with the deceased &disgraced financier convicted sex offender 

a friendship with Prince Andrew,

cutlasses Rowland 

paid 40 million UK pounds 

to open a door 

he renamed Banque Havilland 

and it opened another door 

whos missions statements are 

control the yield curve decided the future sanctions do not work unless adhered to by all parties what matters is western perception the more the wrongdoing is condemned the more effective sanctions will be implemented 

cloud when workload falls inside 

when the workload crimps 

garnets chilblain 

terror was replaced 

stretchformed &decambered 

small pieces of bone 

O bloodworm 

I am 12 years old 

survivor of chasing &gilding

in fine pieces the UK's trademark enzyme

on a static rig 

with one end mechanically pulled

suited to thin strip&  

with teeth on toothed edge 

self checking features

must be approximately 2.5 times

the willingness of 0.85 mm deboning 

of Queen of England

gone to stamped lipid hologram capacity 

emulsifying my caprice shut in merit 

shut away &gone.



OUT OF STONE the idyll of freezing mud its venues in six silhouetted 

storied separations we lay deligh- 

tfully still in our thousand upward thaw

 live off plenaries in the tiny pip

what is cause over effect? 

what is a child infirmary guild? 

Answer: a loud scree, Rishi

a mothball belly collapses to 

capsule red yearning 

and pining I saw feral boys wandering 

out the imploded evil box 

with cracked heads all reckless with stones 

and things like that,

Dido Harding, you see her 

after a cyber attack 

Malware crash button Hepatitis B 

or something revealing the details of four million faces that's why

anonymity is sacred and facelessness is sacrifice! 

so put the human racecourse within the exclusion zone! Cedric, Epaulette, Falcon, Rochester, 

Waterford, Yeastvite and Zara all deboned 

all sweetness all in dark outside clipping,

 we thought we saw it moving  

            we had to shoot it 

to relieve its suffering Dido Harding

in the carbine the ellipse in 

anything representing a motorcade

of hate you’re still the 

same persuasion rick with heart of shrapnel, 

and we will never die, 

softly or faintly again

in a rentiers ring-a-rosie at 

noon our little empty lanyard dangle

out Serfton archangel partly swollen,

without blood in a full state kit

we have to exit the vicinity only 

real workers can stay on site only

O harmful to heat contracts 

found blood in the hole 

 Dido Harding 

there's no misery for good reason 

like rocks bleeding out over Quango 

our empty white lanyards key in

services twisted through an ovoid

shrinking our insides

echo grey bloodless stones 

the solubility of protrusions 

 unstable enclosures by Swine et al. 

 to emulsify vanities fistful