Thursday 27 May 2021

The Industrious Pilgrim: an Exposition without which You might have felt Unhappy (DRAFT)


Is love for you at work 

of stagnating &falling dead 

 the jottings or upheavals believe 

 our memories clang on louse vapour,   

&falling dead show how far behind 

digits in the pay stub survive as memos 

etched &twined 

spine clanks topography of grafts

release some daylight, 

burrowed inside the War of Jennifer's ear 

O, bloodworm glue fallen & ill again 

sound as death upon the ethics of

Young Girl in national politics 

a vague sense of life

expired nozzle to number tight 

O rind to go with imperative-heavy heart 

linings silk there are hidden expectations 

                          suspended harpsichords inside 

        a restructure broken registrar begins to move in centimetres divided 

out under the whole blood revolt of which is 

at work dearest dear embrasure  

service user here lays the secretariat 

 shriek repeated lays to never 

lays on the other 

lays a defunct worker nonperforming 

lays entering through this  

lays again but not around 

lays once more finds dead 

O dead our menials at

tort scion of laying 

&not hiding but laying &not 

secreting but laying out prone like 

i was dead not stalking but laying not 

to £0 but a living ‘cut’  to move to cuts

 in the pay spittoon 

 to move a steady escarpment     

grating in the eyebrow   

   a blow below inflection

 having been deleted as well

 wires, pipes & 

air vents in a strange tight maze 

of narrow ways, 

 mirrors are good

to send back their own energy

 end of the pay spine downturn 

find the grain is full 

no bliss at all

garrottes pith from shading together, 

mouths unchained  

in recent shadows

staithes eat begin to move again

& for what that is worth which, together 

with no increment 

Yours, in despair, yours in  

the 3% increment our memorandums

no qualms growling and lunging,

snorting can come before or along with

hissing, this sounds exactly the way you 

think it does Yours, 

in despair, yours in the 3%

from caw to open caw to retain,

squabble into handkerchief     

there are still epigrams

feasible inside scratched and made 

again & of (e.g. human) warmth 

our memorandums etched and withered 

   for those the enemy of pay spirit

under the remit  & then

another       of other stolen hours