Tuesday 11 May 2021

Policing the Knowledge Quarter, (draft)

Bullring Corps Body starred in like screaming hires

& everybody hot seated on Granary Sq.

all bossed up production values 

sop harmony cash 

wind sore not swept 

The Hardship co-op is development hell 

inferno from a turret pule survived an ill box 

like a hassock rolled over 

your stricture stile molotov

used up natural reverb 

from a long corridor 

the boundary between public & private bokes some

O fingernail’d symphony go mutineer atonal 

on the walls of the Bank of England 

Bolshevik stitches undivided 

of their own refusals

Stuckhard to granite paramilitary LTD

all heathen reliquary muzzled typehard 

& wish repealed 

on ONE MILLION POUNDS of parquetry 

meant sponsorship love blackens the lozenge  

my fifes play beneath the grandee architects Die Zunge

of earning bread with the sweat of bodies 

& other biblicisms we learned

sun shuts on deleterious song 

in chancel of let do & be Good

by the rule book the Public London Charter 

debugged my linked mangle, 

over stewardship  

of carving eyries & 

security solutions 

blocks my alumnus 

 incorporation is blood silent 

& frozen light.

& where are our houses? can-do struwwelpeter 

pluck geometry allied by blood or other affinities 

to strain every sinew on the kindling of another 

confidantes of the Winter of Discontent

Sir Chief Mouser by Royal Warrant 

emotes depths of shyer creatures, 

the rodent inside the silhouette hymn is cut 

so eat shade under kissing buildings 

shaped my palsied heart  so

dull to sympathise 

the social climbing 

ladder intravenous  

end your lunch

the dart board is fucked

its eye worm isthmus 

elevated steeply in the Recruitment Room

canceled ferns of New Labours Vitruvius

Police The Knowledge Quarter  

before the popular glories of the palestra 

offers keash braids, bam brows 

pavan henna behind asphalt hillocks 

all chicanery in the heart of London!

bleeds a lined glen welded around chrome

balustrade of medieval liberty 

as placeless demo developers 

get lauded into Colophon, 

black falls down on the Green Belt, 

wrapped in laburnums for you at work

PoP goes the mock air

utopian public-space gurus vet on exploits 

wrapped in Glencore-mined metals 

every upstart brag

‘I ate workloads’ pulsing 

velour credits

hissing canisters to smile in a ruck

as ash darkens walnut 

trading fair on straw bale walls mess is the law 

inside Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton houses 

programs in Subversive Thinking 

are too idealistic 

hence cruel & whipped up 

in the mirrored halls of gentlemen clubs 

genes  to scrimmage erotica 

suck the polemic Dean Neoliberal Cathedral dry

no starlings for lists are their feelings

as beyond, or dismissive of bilious vinegar shame

impotent neck chain Sputnik frayed

velveteen small men strip off get and emetic

in the row boat of light sacrifice is 

GO to the hireling & submission

NOW from the grouse moors evolved 

to a triage inside the tawse

wearable talc on under

 New clubhouse insignia 

wetrooms of Tory contracts 

& desexualising 

             ermine trimmed jackets 

the infect our uplands

of suck & stoles 

self-refund woodpiles

the laughter of burning

 on fetish cries 

the edge of nothing  

cries back bind this 

secured to night 

in dry swaddling clothes 

piss craved &bended knee  

from heart’s disguise,

strike down to my soul: here 

oppressor is dart

despot tears in vermin tracery 

still on their cheeks, 

whimper their way through 

‘Abide With Me’