Wednesday 14 April 2021



Look downpour swindle a zealot to bearskin

blowtorch to sing this bondage clip 

on a high end scourge 

or never leaving the house

to credo at every structure hollowed out

dropped on militia fur

remember dried renters blood 

is the truest solemnity 

to keep on heaven’s doorstep 

red as charge 

the legislation 

has been referred to by Mike Weatherley as "Weatherley's Law”

 ex-housing professionals in combat trousers troubleshooting OOO philosophy &

incapacity again 

tough love maybe or

we’re going to come to your door 

& administer rightness 


& infallibly 

and you will be serene 

when Atos Doctors

show any initiative in your burning souffles

Horde as bias 

[*See also: assailant] hold this clemency 

as if tied to forelock 

lighting scraped 

O and whether or not you should 

communicate what you are 

what you have become 

is a display fait accompli 

in longer and harder work .

Everyones sickness? Yes, when the follow-up is clotted, to tumbrels of napalm, haul brutality to passive brink 

if our resort remembrance 

peaceful our remembrance 

will pine to a scatter in the grass 

a pitchfork of coefficients as decongestant. 

a leaking wreath for a cell, 

composed to weld the room in two.


stuck to me, that as I move moves with me by reducing myself at work to my work is the same. 

Today I am not sick in the clearing of 

hornets and the passing of trade

today I limp back inside 

it will be magical 

it will be newly able 

retrospectively suspicious 

maladies twisted inside

legating and the weighing

how to lose 

a heartbeat bolstered 

by its own firebrands 

or prep an armament 

against sybarite vanguard 

dozing in its fist-grips 

Hear us, O hear us 

earldom to sightseeing 

tear-jerkers in job sickness 

lines of daze insurgency

down the rockery on pink gravel 

the Workday & music of our promotions! 

4 days not thresholds in thunderclouds may
awaken us to opting out of the Working Time Regulations. Again & again. 

Blind curled to abstinence 

outside my sublet sinecures placed inside 

& read from the book of Winchester aloud

& asked

 what is a hide? 

a type of peasant? 

a shelter? 

a measurement of land? 

a place you cannot be seen? in the universal system of pauperism take panacea soliloquy, 

squeeze the plughole 

look you have been forgotten 

In a One Nation Britain. 

Dead. my last relic to think  

dispensing food in money bags

was such a good semiotic symbol 

that we have done away with 


a fugitive of lullabies 

pamphleting to Evening Standard clubmen shrink-wrapped 

the rain curtains of pinnace over-wrought another battleground ‘lost’ 

to fanfare subsections 


off academic, database and the debtor collectors   ringed in my failed ears. Again &again. 

Thirlstone Homes Limited is a dormant company incorporated on 22 February 1990 with the registered office located in Cobham, Surrey. Thirlstone Homes Limited has been running for 31 years. There are currently 2 active directors according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 22nd February 2021.

Golden saps & cuffed dewy streams 

a tombola for a heart impersonally, 

just like a stranger asking 

what is hopeless work? 

Well Doctor Philosophiae? 

thorax over parish so long fed off

silk linings & sincere mums 

thatch the pockmarks 

off fuck ems icily placed 

in a sublime dustpan! 

too late 

whilst placing their neigh bits of nothing 

inside a stitch up humbly pleading! 

sprawling housing estate ‘somewhere’ 

lost hoards nothing patrician 

about those sounds! 

or complexion lost selling solemn 

days tiny, iterant, unresolved on steps 

yr stick figure heartland smiled back 

inside a cruel path on the 15th floor 

Now look down see this icon sketch 

economic fund amentals 

morphology has been 

made concrete

they stand, forming now 

in each known land 

daffodils of our system!