Monday 11 January 2021

I've broken the cult of youth in my head (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)


Today a fascist coiled my skin

trampled in the rotunda

bandoliers on their shoulders

to survive egg slicing mini-harps

centrifugal some copse sunn blonde 

today I weep on Larcom Street

windows blown out 

in prop debris the hands and feet

of production teams swindle

me off medium incantation 

today my skin in trickle ip

dawn wire adds neither 

smoke to my proper wish 

bores on liver,

by several CYP isozymes 

today I take inhibited lines never

tomorrow I loathe 

venal breads  

and water so what of it 

a postman mile stands on my chest

and to rationalise a yesterdays

trig point etheric 

today over years, with no heft

the rubber teat 

is treated like dog ball

in tussock hiding ash 

barricades today my butter house

I drink a cup of 

unhappy rabbit