Sunday 31 January 2021

gamma squeeze (draft)

Sweepstake the browser
burning powderhouses a
short squeeze on the confederations
of pricing recherché 08'
remember suitcases over zephyrs 
the hearthrug of a coup setup
instead the end of some business day
say a cloudless skyscraper of anemone 
in uprated aerodrome of my face 
 for fresh start from purchaser dictum
another gladbook flickering to meet 
'We're not interested in a logic course' 
dancing sporadic plasticity of derivatives; 
where is my ingrain manager? thrust 
where is my talon of undone thirst?
a cloudless skyscraper, one that mingles 
with the humming of bees 
shaman trader on roof platform 
jumps a lifeline to a lifeline 
with clinked glasses, 
and singing of larks
it is difficult to learn to perform 
ethically in the Clubhouse Finale 
the episode Robinhood learn word of the day is:
Guillotine; a sacrifice topological printout
of thermal quanta asympote