Thursday 29 October 2020

I’m not a piece of shit I’m a piece of society

For workable antinomy

new decimal impressed

on the condition of 

intense purified awareness

of the young and the state

of their coherence is to

make distinct concentratedly

despite throbbing uncertainty

of being just right relief 

to the social kernel of abolition

patter the balance looks 

like austerity produced this 

urban stampede and the unkillable

infants with no name or place

stiffen in the air preserve 

this basmati as a living 

thriving literalness 

taking in a 360 degree

revolution of a world 

and says: 'I'm not a piece

of shit, I'm a piece of society'

will never be exhausted 

by feeble sketches or 

piloted extinctions 

in tinctures with lease 

go down our debt is 

mind-dependent and a negativity

so negativity you say a tungsten 

ring is forever but the basmati

is still a living thriving literalness