Monday 19 October 2020


On a life residency by the racket
 specie it ebbs away this
coup or communique
and so clearly the tariff of 
good faith will be deferred
to the imaginary children of the future, 
sometime later all rolled in primrose 
under broiling suns 
hereditary principle castes out 
a glorified head in patina, 
Countryside talks to me about tax efficiency! 
walk out on England
wash my hands with coal soap
back again, bad trip not worth 
seized liver fits 
a narwhal tusk put it inside me
in variable axon out cures 
sleep to coffin bone and the laminae, 
sometimes a purple seal on blood stricken
this lord of misrule harping with thread veins 
to soften your forehead 
relax your shoulders, this is a reminder
to stop holding tension in the body
waking from home I have cancelled everything
and now free to march out to nobody ever
extinguish this compass, tolerance gone
ratiocinated to maximal cliques fizz
its free from value and so sinks in orbital
white flag a sweeter-tone fluid 
dims the carousel,
at least you have your living room 
to pace about in your cadged chariot 
heart rivets and then breaks 
a detail-orientation team plays 
through crying, 'I hate music!' 
you say wipe out and clear 
the keys start your living, decline 
in your vast apartment light filled spacious 
beyond the viewing deck, bordering
formations of little prows in queues
otherwise know as people, its April next year
Friday perhaps! people still about, 
although smaller queues you guess why! 
the seat you feign from you have 
forgotten how to walk, turned inside 
relax your shoulders this is only a reminder