Thursday 17 September 2020


All these chat logs and i've got my final answer
have you got your final answer
is THAT your final answer sorry 
every second of it has been printed 
and handed to your lifeline,
would you like to call your life line? 
the police, you trussed in the form of your 
sent pictures time stamped and no where
to croak up you're a goner, ask the audience!
invert sick on willbreak you could not just die
here now its hurt chasm 
of about where politics stop
I begin, me a concerted hard working 
parent of four, the child remains the perpetual
and undying horizon of every hope ever
after all, to refuse the good is to refuse
our lord savior to refuse his blood 
and body cockle cease
blaster, would you? fuck it 
and strangle the desire some more
would you? now being dead yet alive
in this world 'Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!!
I love ya! Tomorrow! 
You're always! A day! AWAY!--
mirthful coos of our children
teach us German Shepherds hearts
grow until they get too big for their
bodies and then they die, LISTEN!
spectral huff meat its 50/50 now
hear the impatient boots waking
to hurtle out mementos of your head
mori mori in hot metal awl
LISTEN joints pop in hoots
we’re here face to face
YOU sex offender twice over, three in mind
four if you wish to be technical 
do you want to be technical?
I'll clean MY jack boots offing leggings
with no knickers yeah! 
two breaches yeah one kindred muscle
 and we'll cut that right off!
rolling around on the floor on fire think 
with the hole, you sick cretin 
run it backwards its the Guardians of the North 
and I am an age appropriate adult